We can all agree that looking stylish during the summer is a piece of cake. With all those cute dresses, shorts, skirts, accessories, tops and sandals, you can easily create an outfit that will earn you the title of the fashion queen.

Stylish woman wearing warm shoes on city street in winter

However, when temperatures drop and winter arrives, we sacrifice fashion for the sake of warmth and comfort. But you know what? Just because it is freezing outside doesn’t mean you have to leave your house looking like a mummy. Of course, you will need to be a little more creative when getting dressed in the morning, but looking fabulous during cold, winter days is quite possible. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you look amazing this holiday season.

Check out the forecast

Not all winter days are the same, so instead of carrying around your hat, scarf, umbrella, and gloves, check out the weather forecast before you head out the door and see whether you will need them at all. It is a lot easier to look stylish when you are not dragging your whole winter wardrobe with you. 

Stay dry with winter-proof pieces

You probably have more sandals and high heels in your wardrobe that you can count, and only a couple of winter boots that are made for wet, cold weather. This means you have to look after them if you want them to last. Therefore, buy protection sprays for suede and leather so they keep your feet dry even when it is raining cats and dogs. Also, pay attention to the heels and the moment they start to fall apart get them fixed so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes season after season. If you are looking for new winter shoes to add to your collection, find them easily online here

Find a good tailor

If you wish to look stylish and classy during the winter, don’t allow yourself to walk around the city with soggy hemlines that are collecting dirt from the ground. Instead, have them tailored and your outfit will instantly look more expensive. 

A big bag can be a lifesaver

When it is cold outside you need to wear a lot of layers in order to keep yourself warm. However, you cannot wear all those clothes on the train or at the mall where the temperatures are much higher. Since you will need to remove some layers every now and then, bring a bag so that you can pop everything in when needed. This way you won’t walk around carrying your coat, scarf, sweater, and gloves in your hands. 

Invest in several stylish coats

When people look at you the first thing they will notice is your coat, since it covers most of your body. Therefore, make sure you get several ones in different styles, so you have something for every occasion. Consider buying a parka, a smart wool coat, and a mac coat and you won’t be stuck in the same outfit until the spring arrives. Although this investment might be a pricy one, you don’t have to buy them all at once. Give yourself a task to get one every year, or better yet, check out sales at the end of the season and get several items for the price of one.

Don’t forget to accessorize

We all know that a good accessory can elevate the whole outfit and change your look from messy to classy. Therefore, cinch your waist with a nice belt, wear a statement necklace that will be visible even if you have a scarf, or add some pizzazz to your look with a fabulous pair of earrings. 

Looking stylish during the winter is not a mission impossible, so use these tips to welcome the following season with glamour and class.