There is a debate about the true origin of ugg boots between Australia and New Zealand. Both countries claim to be the creators of the unisex sheepskin boots. Despite the debate, fug boots (shortened form of “flying ugg boots”) dates back to World War I when they were worn by aviators. Furthermore, they were in existence in the 1920s in the rural areas of Australia. Use these cleaning and care instructions to extend the longevity of your Ugg boots.

Ugg Boots

Use Ugg Sheepskin Water & Stain Repellent on your Ugg boots before wearing them. When applying repellent it is recommended that you do so in a well ventilated area. Holding the bottle six inches away, spray the repellent onto the boots, making sure that it is evenly distributed without saturating. Place boots to dry for 24 hours. Increase your use of the repellent when the weather is wet.

If your boots are stained with oil, scrape white chalk over the stain and allow the stain to absorb the powder. After a few minutes have elapsed, wipe the area and get rid of any excess powder. If the stain is still visible place chalk powder over the area again and follow the steps you initially completed to remove the stain. Repeat this process until the stain absorbs the powder. If you have heavier stains, use fine sand paper to eliminate the stain. Make sure you do not remove the color of your boots by rubbing them excessively with the sand paper.

dirty Ugg boots

Are your boots soiled and in need of a thorough cleaning? Wash your boots with cold water and use Ugg Shampoo and Conditioner. When washing your boots clean them with a soft brush. A toothbrush is ideal in this case. Rinse your boots under cold water. In order to get rid of the excess water accumulated during the washing process, place your boots in the washing machine and set it on the spinning cycle.

After getting rid of the excess water, stuff your boots with paper towel to absorb any traces of water. Allow the boots to dry without placing them in an oven, dryer or using a hair dryer. Do not place the boots in a sunlit area. You may notice shrinkage with your boots. However, do not be alarmed as this is a normal occurrence with boots made of such material. The next time you put on your boots they will stretch out again. After your boots have dried, pass a show brush over the suede to lift the nap. Now your boots should look like you just purchased a brand new pair.

Your boots will develop an odor when you continually wear them especially in cases where you do not wear any socks. Although sheepskin boots are designed to keep your feet warm, it is recommended that you always wear socks. If your boots has an odor you can use a homemade remedy to remove the scent. Combine two tablespoons of baking soda and corn flour with a few drops of scented essential oil. Sprinkle the mixture into your boots and leave overnight. The next day make sure that the boots absorbed the mixture. Now your boots should emit a sweet-smelling aroma. You are now set to go.

How To Clean Uggs