Cleaning Care Instructions for Uggs

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How to Properly Clean Your Ugg Boots

Step by step tips for maintaining your coziest pair of boots.

Ugg Boots

Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of a pair of Ugg boots! If you’re here, that must mean you’re also looking for a way to make your boots look pristine and new, even if you’re planning on using them all the time. We get it, they’re incredibly comfy and can go with just about any of your sweater weather coordinated outfits. Luckily for us Ugg boots lovers, there are a ton of ways you can wear them in without wearing them out.

Before Stepping Out

Before even leaving your house for a coffee run, make sure you apply your Ugg Sheepskin Water & Stain repellent  (available on Amazon here) on your shoes. Hold your bottle about six inches away and evenly coat your boots with the solution without overdoing it. Make sure you’re in a well ventilated area so you don’t inhale those fumes, and leave your boots out to dry at least 24 hours. Tip: Make sure to make the most out of this repellent during the rainy season to protect them from water damage!

Stain Free, Stress Free

You may not have heard of this cool trick before, but an oil stain on your boots can be removed by smudging white chalk over the affected area. You can do this intermittently every few minutes and repeat the process until the stain is gone. If it’s a tougher stain, you can use rub sand paper on the area until it’s disappeared, but be careful not to scrape to hard as this can wear down your precious boots!

Rinse & Repeat

Shampoo and conditioner is a great way to make your Uggs squeaky clean. Rinsing them under cold water, use a soft brush like a tooth brush, to give them a good scrubbing with your shampoo and conditioner. You may have a little excess water when you’re done. To remedy this, throw your boots into the washing machine and set it to the spin cycle.

  • Alt: Use a Specialized Cleanser Kit UGG has an exclusive 6-piece kit that includes a Sheepskin Protector, Cleaner & Conditioner, Shoe Renew freshener, a bamboo handle brush, and suede scuff eraser. The Protector acts as a stain & water repellent to protect your shoes from the elements. If your boots are already showing signs of love, the Cleaner & Conditioner will rejuvenate the sheepskin, while the Shoe Renew spray keeps them smelling fresh. Last but not least, the brush and scuff erasers help your boots looking freshly unboxed. Get it on Amazon here!

Hanging Them Up to Dry

If you haven’t completely gotten rid of that pesky excess water, stuff your boots with paper towels to absorb anything that’s left behind. I know the toasty potential can be tempting, but avoid placing your boots in the oven, dryer, or using a hair dryer on them. Don’t place them out in the sun either. Now, a little shrinkage in inevitable with these shoes due to the sheepskin material, but don’t fret! This is completely normal, and the next time you put them on they’ll stretch and adjust to a comfortable fit once more. After your boots are dry, brush them over to lift up the nap on the suede with a show brush. They’ll look good as new!

The Other Kind of Funk

As much as we hate to admit it, our shoes get a little bit of odor when we wear them for too long, but don’t worry, there are options to keep the funk at bay! One tip would be to wear socks to keep a barrier between your feet and the shoe. Next, you can fix up an odor eliminator right a home with ingredients right from your pantry. Simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda with corn flour, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in. Lavender really amps up the cozy factor in this case! Leave the mixture in your shoes overnight, and check to see that your shoes have absorbed it by the next morning. Say goodbye funk, and hello new shoe smell!

See? Ugg shoe maintenance is simple, and by keeping up with these easy steps you can make certain your Uggs will never become Ughs. Go forth, and be comfortable!

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How To Clean Uggs

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