Do Saucony Shoes Run Small?

Saucony Shoes
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About Saucony

Saucony has a long history of making fantastic running shoes and other athletic and casual wear. The company was established in 1898 in Pennsylvania on the Saucony Creek banks, hence the name. The logo is an artistic take on the creek’s constant flow, with the three dots depicting the boulders in the creek. Also, this company aims to provide the means for an active lifestyle. To that end, their official motto states: Run for Good.

As for their assortment, they create athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. Additionally, users can check their free educational blog for some helpful sporting tips and practical advice. Furthermore, Saucony has a growing online community due to the modern Strava app.

Popular/Trending Styles

Saucony offers trendy footwear for running and casual wear. While the brand is mainly known for providing for the pro-athletes, it also excels in other areas.

The Endorphin Speed 2 is its most famous running shoe, the product of years of research and refinement. Featuring an extremely light PWRRUN PB cushioning and responsive nylon plate, the shoe feels light on your feet and preserves the level of comfort. Its FORMFIT midsole gives you ample bounce, while the SPEEDROLL tech allows for longer jogging sessions.

Another popular product is the Saucony Mad River TR 2, a trail running and waterproof shoe. Its rubber outsole has plenty of grippy knobs for maximum traction. Additionally, it allows you to add drainage holes, winter studs for moving on snow, and gaiters. At the same time, the upper mesh offers drainage and breathability, thus protecting your feet in all conditions.

The Saucony Shadow and Jazz collection maintains that classic design people look for in a stylish sneaker. These popular options are lightweight and come in plenty of colors. Also, their silhouette is suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Saucony Women's Endorphin Speed 2 Running Shoe, Black/Shadow, 8.5
Saucony Women’s Endorphin Speed 2


Saucony presents its shoe in a regular fit, with several wider fit options. You’ll even find extra wide Echelon and Integrity Walker shoes for women and men. After you select an item via the website, you can utilize the handy size chart link. Saucony has the chart complete with US, UK, EU, Japan, China, and women’s US conversions. At the same time, you can find out whether they have that item’s size in stock.

Saucony Men's MAD River TR 2 Trail Running Shoe, Gray/Fuchsia, 11
Saucony Men’s MAD River TR 2

Do Saucony Shoes Run Small?

No, Saucony shoes run true to size. Over the years, they’ve unified their production capacities to properly cover this aspect. Plus, they’ve included wide and extra wide shoe options for added convenience.

A great tip to help you find the right size, especially from an online store, is to measure your foot accurately. Since Saucony runs its shoes true to size, an accurate reading eliminates the need for returns or exchanges.

Saucony Men's Shadow 6000 Sneaker, white/grey/navy, 10 M US
Saucony Men’s Shadow


Customers love how comfortable Saucony shoes are, with the expensive catalog catering to diverse needs. There is a Saucony shoe for every kind of exercise, in any type of weather, for all age groups. While there are casual Saucony shoes in the Shadow, Jazz, and Azura collections, there is a growing trend of customers purchasing running and walking shoes even for casual use. However, they often get one-half of a size larger models. So, they appreciate the comfy cushioning, breathable material, and lightweight feel.

How to Clean Saucony Shoes

You’ll need mild soap and water to clean your Saucony shoes. It is best to hand wash these shoes, then rinse them with clean water to prevent soap from affecting the upper fabric. You should also rinse with fresh water after wading through saltwater to prevent damaging the shoe.

At the same time, ensure you remove the insoles and laces to clean and dry them separately. Next, you can stuff the shoe with an old towel or newspapers to wick water from the inside. Afterward, air-dry the shoes before using them again.

Where to Buy Saucony Shoes

You can buy Saucony shoes on the official online store and the thousands of physical stores and authorized retailers nationwide. Also, the company offers free shipping for purchases over $70 and a $5 charge for those below. There is also a $5 shipping charge for returns. Besides Saucony, major online retailers such as Amazon stock Saucony merchandise.

Where to Buy Dupes

Wolverine World Wide, Saucony’s parent company, uses third-party manufacturers in the Asia Pacific and South America for its products. As such, there are plenty of dupes on the market. However, always purchase your shoes directly from Saucony or their physical stores to avoid scammers.

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