Where Can You Buy Julia Haart Shoes?

Buy Julia Haart Shoes
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Julia Haart is the star of a Netflix original reality show named ‘My Unorthodox Life’. Businesswomen and fashionistas are the show’s focus, which follows Julia Haart’s life after a pivotal life decision. It’s a docu-series depicting her career after she let go of her religious ties at the age of 43.

However, Julia’s excellent taste in shoes slowly came into focus as the show gained some traction. She wore shoes of extravagant, unique designs and frames, which were always on point. Luckily for fans of the show, Julia Haart has also started her own shoe line, allowing anyone to copy her style. In this piece, we’ll go over where you can buy Julia Haart shoes.

What Made Julia Haart What She Is?

As part of an ultra-Jewish community, Julia Haart had to abide by many restrictions and conform. Yet, her spirit never ceased looking for a loophole. Hence, she landed on the idea of wearing heels as her style statement. Later, once she left that community, she established a shoe brand by her own name.

Within a short period of two months, she built solid ground in the fashion industry. Owing to her preference, she was fond of wearing heels, but they were not always the most comfortable footwear. Then, she wanted to ensure pain was not part of what she considered beautiful. Soon after that, she came up with new, stylish, and comfy designs that gave her a much-needed confidence boost.

The Sizing of Julia Haart Shoes

These models show the sizes as per the criteria of the US, AU, EU, and the UK. This makes it easy for people worldwide to pick the right size for themselves. At the same time, one can quickly find a pair even when shopping online.

What Do People Have to Say About the Julia Haart Shoes?

Customers often praise these shoes’ durability and comfort. Some even go as far as comparing them to wearing heel-less shoes. Also, many online reviews rate these designs as a breath of fresh air. In other words, they’ve become somewhat iconic even among people who haven’t watched to show.

Which Are the Best Julia Haart Shoes?

Julia Haart ensures that her designs evenly distribute the body weight, thus offering proper support and balance. Currently, these are her most famous inventions:

1. Platform Pumps in Nude

One of her most famous designs is the Platform Pumps in Nude Mauve shade. This model is stylish and comfy and comes with a sculpted heel. As such, these shoes are a great choice for both casual and formal events. Users applaud the photogenic outline and the shoes’ modern shape.

2. Slingback Platform Heel

Another of her most sought-after items is the Slingback Platform Heel. One of their biggest highlights is the slingback adjustable buckle. So, by utilizing that addition, customers can enjoy extra heel support. At the same time, this novelty installs a fancy touch too. In other words, this is another model that excels on all fronts.

3. Crystal Embellished Pumps

Julia Haart’s Crystal Embellished Pumps are an extravagant item that oozes good taste and high fashion. On the flip side, they might not be the best choice for a casual gathering with friends. Instead, customers often aim to make a fashion statement when opting to include them in a setup. For example, these shoes’ heels are carved into an hourglass, which is a wholly unique solution. Plus, Julia Haart made the design in a lot of fabulous colors. On this note, customers often prefer the red shade variant.

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Where Can You Buy Julia Haart Shoes?

Although Julia Haart herself no longer owns the rights, the brand she created with La Perla still exists on the retail websites. So, you can still find and purchase these popular models. Also, they come with a size chart, making it easy for anyone to find their size even remotely. The most common way to do this is via Amazon.com. At the same time, you can refer to the comments section to deduce how people go about maintaining these items.

Where Can You Buy Julia Haart Dupes?

Similarly, some websites also stock Julia Haart dupes at more affordable prices. For example, consider typing the chosen variant on domains like Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate, etc. Next, proceed to select your shoe size. However, keep in mind that although identical at first glance, dupes don’t offer nearly the same level of comfort and durability. In other words, they’re made with lesser-quality materials and lack the intricate craftsmanship you’ll find in the original products.

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