How to Clean New Balance Shoes

Clean New Balance Shoes
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Good shoes are not only a commodity for comfort but also a fashion statement for many people. Buying the latest sneakers and having a vast footwear collection is just like any other fashion passion. Hence, as a shoe lover, wanting to keep your footwear in top shape is totally understandable. Among the infinite shoe brands in the market, New Balance Shoes are trendy among youngsters due to their longevity and style. So if you’re wondering how to keep your new shoes in top shape, we’ve got you covered.

About the Brand

New Balance is a company that is solely dedicated to sports and fitness apparel. The footwear’s design caters to all aspects of comfort. They focus on providing affordable, high-quality footwear that is stylish and sturdy.

The brand has been serving the community since 1906 and is now one of the biggest fitness apparel and footwear names in the US. They aim to pave the way for people to achieve their goals and prioritize progress with apparel that fits their progressive mindset.

New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Navy, 10.5 X-Wide

Popular Styles

One of their biggest hits is the fresh foam 1080 collection, a funky addition to their catalog. The shoe comes in different sizes and also offers other width options. Thus, you can order a snug or an oversized fit, depending on your bone structure. In a statement, the brand says that if they only made one running shoe, it would be the Fresh Foam 1080. The sole utilizes extra soft foam material to cushion and spring back for hardcore running. The top fabric is a hypoknit with a sleek design and lightweight and breathable.

Another one of their customers’ favorite pieces is the 990 core. This article is famous for being stylish, robust yet comfortable, and light. The shoe has a breathable mesh top and a staple inset that is light and moldable to every foot contour and curve. Many people who wear this show claim that the fit is so perfect that it feels custom-made.

New Balance Women's 574 Core Sneaker, Grey/White, 8.5

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit?

You should order your standard size for New Balance shoes since they fit true to size. The larger articles come in secure packaging and can be worn right out of the box. Unlike other brands, New Balance offers their sneakers in half sizes, so no matter what your size, you will be able to fit the exact fit in all articles. Nonetheless, refer to the size chart on New Balance’s website for your size in UK or EU sizing.

Besides, New Balance offers not just multiple sizes but also multiple widths. A proper fit needs to contour your entire bone structure, not just the length of your feet. Hence, their sizing is very accurate. Moreover, the website has a bar chart with each article that clearly states if the shoe runs small or big.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker, White/Black/Guava, 8

Customer Reviews

The brand is famous for its excellent customer care and support department. Their websites host separate review sections for each article. Hence, if you are interested in any piece, you can know how previous customers feel about it. The reviews are crystal clear, and even the minor errors or discomforts are unfiltered for better customer care.

Many people appreciate the additional width selection options in the shoes and their breathable mesh and odorless insoles. Moreover, there have been no complaints about pain or stiffness in any of their article. Although some people say that core articles were bulky, most reviews are positive.

new balancenew balance

How to Wash New Balance Shoes?

The best way to clean New Balance shoes is to use a soft bristle brush and an old toothbrush for the small nooks and crannies with mild detergents like dishwashers. Make a little soap water solution with the detergent, dip the brush, and lightly scrub the shoe. Before scrubbing, wipe off any dirt, dust, or mud from the show using a dry cloth or brush. Only use mild detergents that do not contain any dye or bleach. These agents will weaken the fabric and decolorize the shoe. After scrubbing, wash the show with clean water and wipe off with a clean cloth. Let the show dry completely in the air.

Although it isn’t the best practice, you can machine wash New Balance’s shoes. However, please take out the lace and the sole, place the show in a mesh laundry bag, and machine washes them in cold water.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shoes, comfort and quality are a must. However, finding lightweight and affordable options can be tricky. Nonetheless, New Balance shoes offer a great collection that is very easy to maintain. A simple soap bath, a light machine spin, or a dry cloth wipe is good enough to make your shoes look as good as new.

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