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When you visit Abeo’s official website, the first thing you notice is the beautiful footwear. On closer inspection, you see the features mapped out on the shoes. Then you realize the level of technical genius used to design the footwear, specifically for your comfort.

Where Can I Buy Abeo Shoes

Abeo is a brand by The Walking Company, known for delivering comfort in style,  with many options of Abeo shoes for women. While many brands may claim this, you will find this mission best fulfilled in Abeo footwear. Their registered trademarked system called the B.I.O.system® is what they use to create the best footwear.

The Walking Company, the world’s largest specialty retailer of comfort footwear, provides customers access to over one million pairs of the most technically advanced comfort shoes from the best brands around the world. The Walking Company features an unparalleled assortment of exclusive products and styles that can’t be found anywhere else. 

B.I.O. is short for ‘Built-In Orthotic.’ Their B.I.O.system® allows their shoes to deliver the highest comfort levels without taking style away. They produce a wide variety of footwear, including boots and heels. In addition, their system allows for footwear to be customized, so you get the most comfortable shoes for your specific foot type.

Popular/Trending Styles

All Abeo shoes look chic with their classy and timeless designs. However, we have some favorites that are very popular at the moment, including black and brown leather styles.

Abeo Shoes Women’s Styles

The Abeo Luna athletic sneakers are the perfect, most comfortable pair of casual sneakers you have ever worn in the women’s category. It comes in three colors, classic black, grey, and soft blush color. You can wear it to the gym, for a job or walk, or pair it with some laid-back clothes for a casual day.

Abeo Shoes Mens Styles

Furthermore, the Abeo B.I.O.system® Cayucos sandal is one of the best reviews sandals you will ever find for men. It comes with many custom-made features that make it perfect for men with foot pain or difficulty. Even if you don’t, the comfort and aesthetics of these sandals are enough to make you grab one for yourself.

Abeo’s other trendy styles include its popular B.I.O.system® Balboa sandal, AEROsystem® Dice II, and ABEO 24/7 Unique. All of which are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Dice II - Athletic Shoes in Frost Size: 10.5


Buyer reviews suggest that Abeo shoes run a bit big, particularly their athletic shoes. So you might want to purchase a shoe that is half a size smaller than your actual shoe size.

However, If you go to the walk-in store, you’ll get perfectly sized shoes. Their digital leg scanning system will also give you the perfect shoes to fit your other leg dimensions, such as arch height, foot width, etc.


Reviewers of Abeo shoes have dubbed it many things. From the most comfortable shoes ever to creating the most comfortable stylish shoes globally. On various review platforms, buyers of Abeo shoes have claimed that it relieved them of foot ailments or helped them manage it much better.

If you think that such efficient orthopedic shoes should be unattractive, you are wrong. A peek at some of the reviews of Abeo boots reveals that buyers believe them to be one of the most stylish and comfortable ones.

In their reviews, most buyers of Abeo seem to be in awe of two other features: the customizability of Abeo shoes and their 3D foot mapping services.

How to Clean

Abeo biomechanical shoes are made of various materials such as; sheepskin, suede, and leather. Luckily they are pretty easy to maintain with Abeo’s specialized kits. Depending on the shoe you buy, you can purchase a very affordable care kit to go with it from Abeo.

In addition, these kits last a long time and can also be used to care for your none Abeo shoes.

ABEO Premium Orthotic-Metatarsal Mens - Casual Shoes in No Color Size: 8

Where to Buy

The first place to buy Abeo shoes is from The Walking Company’s walk-in store. You get a 3d digital foot scan to get customized shoes based on your foot type. Mindblowing right? We know.

Also, you can order the shoes from Abeo’s online store or the Walking Company’s online store. You will see its wide range of available shoe types and colors. After a few clicks, all you need to do is wait to receive your footwear.

In addition, Abeo shoes are available at many stores both online and physically in your local stores like Walmart.

Where to Buy Dupes

Like all good shoes, Abeo shoe dupes exist. Abeo shoes have many retailers, and it can be hard to spot the fakes. Always make sure to compare the names and prices of the ones from third-party sellers to the price on the Abeo website.

Also, look out for things like tweaked names, and do not purchase from shady places. Finally, buyer reviews can also tell you a lot about whether or not the shoes are authentic. So, carefully go through what people had to say after purchasing from whomever or wherever it may be.

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