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Q&A: Blake Lively’s Shoes?

Q: Where can I find Blake Lively's shoes she's wearing in this photo? ~ Ann A: Ask and you shall receive!   Blake is wearing Sergio Rossi Majuli Studded Flat Sandals, on sale now at!  Enjoy! ~ Kim [phpbay]sergio rossi, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

Elephant Man Shoes

I was watching a special on TLC last weekend about Proteus Syndrome, where people have atypical growth of certain parts of their body.   One of the interviewed was Mandy Sellars, a beautiful woman from the waist up, and elephant woman from the waist down.     She has to  frequently get custom made shoes because even at age 33, her legs and feet continue to grow. My  question was why didn't/don't they just amputate the legs and wear prosthetics, not only for cosmetic reasons but for mobility? … [Read more...]

High Tide Heels

What do you think of these High Tide Heels? Are these real or are they a joke? Snopes says  urban legend.  Not sure I could find anyone that could walk in these. I know I couldn't. They would make for interesting footprints on the beach. Source: High Tide Heels: for the sexy scuba diver [phpbay]flippers, 2[/phpbay] … [Read more...]

BO GO HO Embellished Sandals and More

Payless is once again offering its BOGO Sale!  (Buy One, Get One Half Off - hmmm, shouldn't they call it BOGOHO?)  This sale is  offered both  instore and online,  including everything in the store, even  sale and clearance items.   I browse our local store, but I prefer to order online at  as they offer more selections and more sizes (including wide widths and plus sizes). Plus they offer free shipping with a $50 order and/or free instore shipping. P.S. If you daughter needs … [Read more...]

Toms Inspire Be the Change Flats

  When I first skimmed the name of these shoes TOMS "Inspire Be the Change Flat" for some odd reason (and remember my eyes are still a bit fuzzy from Lasik enhancement surgery), I thought of "changing a flat tire" (my friend just had a flat) and figured these shoes were made of recycled tires, thus inspiring good for the environment, blah blah blah. Maybe I  do still  need reading glasses.   The "Be the Change" is from one of Gandhi's most inspirational quotes and is repeated all over the … [Read more...]