Why Renting Shoes Is The New Trend

Why Renting Shoes Is The New Trend
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With fashion trends coming and going rapidly, smart shoppers are also evolving to cater to this phenomenon. Nowadays, some consumers are buying second-hand clothes to lessen waste.

Others step up their game further by borrowing designer footwear for special occasions within an online community. If you’re from Australia, you can rent shoes on TheVolte since they ship to any part of the country and have a vast array of options, from classic Louboutins to luxurious pieces from Givenchy, Prada, and Versace.

Moreover, the need to buy high-quality shoes comes only when attending formal occasions, such as weddings and formal birthday parties. Technically, there’s a risk that the pair will just be used once since the design might not be suitable for daily wear in the office or running errands.

Because of this, renting shoes has become a new trend. In addition to being more convenient than buying your own shoes, renting shoes can also save you a lot of things.

Here are the things you save when you rent shoes instead of buying them:

1. Money

Shoes can be expensive, especially when they’re from designer brands. Avant-garde footwear can definitely catch the attention of everyone around you without compromising quality and comfort. But, they shouldn’t cause a massive dent in your finances. After all, you can use your money for more important things, like putting it in your savings or travel funds.

With a shoe-renting service, you can filter the selection according to your budget. You can find items below 50 AUD or splurge and go over 500 USD while enjoying the extensive options provided for you.

2. Closet Space

Another thing that you’ll save by renting shoes is closet space. If you’re living in an apartment or sharing a space with roommates, you’d know that closet real estate is hard to come by these days. When renting shoes, you don’t have to worry about the different kinds of shoes cluttering your closet and your apartment.

3. Monotony

Some jobs, mainly if you’re working in the fashion industry, require you to always look presentable and stay on top of the trends. This can be challenging if you’re just starting out and have little income to spare for your shoes.

Avoid looking dowdy by coming in to work with the same footwear every time. Impress your colleagues and higher-ups when you flaunt those designer shoes when you arrive in the office. They never have to know that it’s Oscar de la Rented.

As a tip, these are the daily shoes every career woman must have:

Ballet Flats

This dainty pair is essential for career women since you can wear it with any ensemble or use it when your feet need a rest from being in heels all day long.

Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flat, Leopard Knit, 8.5 B US

Basic Pumps

Flashy pairs of heels give your outfit and posture the boost it needs. Plus, it also lifts your self-confidence as you face the workweek.

Elisabet Tang High Heels, Womens Pointed Toe Slip on Stilettos Party Wedding Pumps Basic Shoes Black 8

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties have perfected the balance between formal and casual. It’s the perfect shoes to wear if you’re planning a night out with friends after work.

LifeStride Women's Adriana Ankle Bootie, Brown, 8 M US

Heeled Sandals

Sandals may be the go-to footwear for the warmer months, but you still need to consider your office’s outfit guidelines. Heeled sandals are ideal when you want to dress up with a flowing summer dress.

Steve Madden Women's Lilah Heeled Sandal, Black, 8


Leather shoes are fashionable and will continue to be. That’s why oxfords continue to be a popular choice for young professionals. It polishes your outfit without looking as if you tried too much.

DADAWEN Women's Classic T-Strap Platform Mid-Heel Square Toe Oxfords Dress Shoes Black US Size 9.5

Dressed-Up Sneakers

Your office may have casual Fridays, but you should still remember that you need to maintain a professional image for yourself and the company. This is where dressed-up sneakers come in and offer you footwear that appears both casual without going all out informal.

GOSPT Women's Mesh Walking Shoes Rhinestone Glitter Slip On Ballroom Jazz Latin Dance Sock Sneakers Black 11

4. Time

Sometimes, you’re also pressed for time. One instance is when you’re called for a meeting with a representative from your dream company a day before the schedule. This doesn’t give you enough time to pull together an outfit that will impress the hiring manager.

Fortunately, renting designer shoes is now very straightforward. Take note that you need to avoid these shoes since it’s not highly suitable for interviews.

5. Environment

As mentioned above, renting clothes and shoes improve the environment by lessening the production and manufacturing of these items. Save the environment by joining a community where you can swap footwear according to your needs for the day or week.


There are lots of benefits to renting shoes. You save money since you can specify the budget you have and you can easily browse the options available to you on the provider’s website.

You also get to wear new styles that you may not be inclined to try if you buy your own pair.

Why You Should Rent Your Shoes

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