Inkkas Shoes Review

Inkkas Shoes
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We all like wearing fashioned shoes, be it casual or camping boots. Uniquely designed shoes with various color variants are what people love the most. Also, in this era of adventure added with fashion, the demand for boots has increased considerably over the past few years. These are the products that Inkkas excels in; the company also makes joggers, slip-on- high- tops, low tops, and even accessories.

About the Brand

Inkkas is relatively new in the footwear industry compared to the prominent market leaders. Established in 2012, Inkkas worked with artistic shoemakers from Peru to make their first classic shoe. Though they respect their origin, Peru, they have expanded to many different countries.

Besides providing their services in other countries, they have also set up factories and employed many people. Inkkas stands with the people and the environment, and it takes extra care of its highly skilled employees. Moreover, with each shoe sold by Inkkas, one plant gets a life.

Inkkas - Andes Jogger - Handcrafted Artisan Women's & Men's Active Casual Shoes (Numeric_10)
Inkkas – Andes Jogger – Handcrafted

Popular Shoes

Inkkas make a lot of new generation handcrafted shoes to express coolness and calmness. Uniquely close to cultural beauty, they also express the beauty of each place and hence, the entire world. Popular and exceptional shoes made by Inkkas are numerous; however, here are a few:

  • Brown Leather Camping Boots
  • Brown Leather Bootie
  • Cyprus High Top
  • Trek Slip-on
  • Savannah Bootie

Due to the exceptional quality and design, these shoes have been the bestsellers in 2022, among many others.

Inkkas - Brown Leather Camping Boot - Handcrafted Artisan Women's & Men's Rugged and Durable Leather Shoes
Inkkas – Brown Leather Camping Boot


All of Inkkas’ shoes are available in all sizes and for everyone. While selecting, they allow you to choose from both US and Europe standards; The size range is different for different shoes at any time. The minimum ranges and maximum ranges available at its online store are

  • US Women 3 to 14
  • US Men 3 to 13
  • Europe 36 to 46

Keep in mind that this is the general range; some shoes might have a maximum more or even less than this.

Inkkas - Bald Eagle Camping Boot - Handcrafted Artisan Women's & Men's Rugged and Durable Leather Shoes (Numeric_8)
Inkkas – Bald Eagle Camping Boot


Customers were positive about Inkkas’ servicing, quality, and features like arch support. They also loved the colours and how protection sprays worked best on them.

Moreover, people with orthopedic issues were impressed with the idea of the removable soles for replacing them with orthopedic inserts. Notably, users also mentioned that the shoes were only available in ‘regular’ and no more fitting options were available.

Inkkas Gaudi Flexaire Sneakers - Handcrafted Artisan Women's & Men's Lightweight & Comfortable Active Casual Shoes (Numeric_10)
Inkkas Gaudi Flexaire Sneakers

How to Clean

Inkkas does not recommend washing your shoes in the washing machine. You can use soft clothes to remove dirt. Also, spray-on fabric cleaners will help you keep them clean and protected for the long run.

In the case of leather shoes, use polish and soft brushes; using conditioners and spray protectors is also a great option. Also, you can use hard brush to clear mud and dirt of your boots.

Where to Buy

Inkkas is an online store with no offline sellers. Buying your favourite shoe is easy; visit its official website and register your account. Select your size, add it to your cart and order it. Inkkas ships order above $150.

Notably, remember to check again in a few days if your shoe is “Out of Stock.” Also, you can check the time at which you will receive your product before ordering.

How to Tell If The Shoes are Fake?

Buying a fake shoe by mistake is quite common because we don’t majorly focus on the small details. Pay attention to these particular points to prevent purchasing fake ones:

  • The Brand Logo – make sure it is the original brand logo and match it from the official website.
  • Official Website – Check if you are visiting the correct website since many fake ones are already being hosted.
  • Quality – If you have problems with the quality, it might be because the shoes are fake, do report to the brand and store you bought from.

It is better to buy branded products from either their online store from official offline stores to prevent mishappenings.


Inkkas is a great brand, though being relatively new in the market. Their market is small as compared to the market leaders, but there is a lot of space for them to grow. Furthermore, the cultural shoe designs they make are unique, and I haven’t seen such cool ones on other sites.

I would suggest you go on and try out these handcrafted beauties and add them to your collection. They are a keep.

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