Chocolate Boots

Right about now, you’re probably imagining one of those glass boots they use at restaurants to give hot chocolate to little kids.   But that’s not the kind of chocolate boots that are hot this fall.   The current trends where boots are concerned include a wide range of styles, from booties to boots of the riding, biker, or over-the-knee variety.   And the most popular color is chocolate brown.   Whether you wear them with jeans and a sweater for an uber-casual look or with a short skirt and colored tights for something a little more hip and revealing, this seasonal trend can look great on any frame and with just about any outfit.   And here are a few of the hottest brands to embrace brown for boots.

1.     Naughty Monkey. This brand has made a name for itself with a unique line of sexy platform pumps (in houndstooth patterns, with giant bows and buckles, from multiple materials, and so on).   And they don’t disappoint with one of the best boots of the season.   Their “˜D Ring’ style features tall but seriously slouchy brown suede with fabulously large buckles at the knee and ankle, as well as a three inch wedge heel.   All in all, they might just be the cutest and most versatile boots you’ll buy this year.

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2. Uggs. No wardrobe is complete without these super cute, amazingly comfortable, and utterly fabulous foot-warmers. Wear them short with a pair of boot-cut jeans or taller with skinny jeans (tucked in) or leggings. They’re a staple on every SoCal campus as soon as the thermometer hits 60 degrees, so follow the wave of the surfer-chic and get yourself a pair in creamy suede cocoa.

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3.     Aerosoles. When you think of riding boots, you probably go straight for the real thing or super pricy rip-offs, but with the Aerosoles Women’s Rideline’ knee-high riding boots, you can get something just as hot with a lot more comfort.   Not only do they sport a full zipper (no struggling to pull these beauties on and off), they also have a low heel for easy walking and understated straps and accent buckles at knee and ankle.   This is a sleek and sophisticated sport boot that will look great with any outfit.

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4.     Glaze by Adi. The high-heel ankle boot from this line can’t be beat for fashion forward women on a budget (they come in at under $40 per pair).   And while they’re more milk chocolate than dark, the color should look great with jeans, khakis, or the right color of tights (purple or navy would really pop).   Although this label also offers a couple other versions of these short boots (one has a side knot and the other has a buckle), the simple fold-down top offered by the plain ankle boot looks a little more refined.

5.     Enigma. If you’re on the market for something that looks a little tougher, you might be interested in Enigma’s “˜BC 361′ lace-up knee-high boots.   These things are like jack boots on crack.   With darkly tanned leather, they’re a little less chocolaty than other fall boots, but they more than make up for it with sturdy soles, laces that go up to your knees, and a couple of straps around the top for good measure.   You could conquer the world with a pair of boots like this, although really they’re just made for walkin’.

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