Harley Davidson Boots & Sandals

Yep, I’m officially a biker bitch. I went on my first poker run this past weekend, complete with Willie Nelson do-rag and Pocahontas braids. I can prove it.   But I had a hard time deciding what shoes to wear.   If I would have had more notice, I could have ordered some real Harley Davidson footwear.

I didn’t realize Harley Davidson such stylish looking boots! Take these Harley-Davidson Mikayla leather boots ($140 from Zappos) for instance. Not sure a 4″ heel is practical for a day of eating bugs and hanging on for dear life, but impressive for those that try.

These Harley-Davidson Julia Boots would be a bit more practical with a 3 1/4″ heel, $135 from Zappos. I could see myself wearing these HD boots while strattling a motorcycle.

They even have Harley Davidson Sandals!   These Harley-Davidson Cinnamon Sandals are not my style, but definitely caught my attention. And priced at only $54 from Zappos, these HD sandals seem affordable enough for any biker babe.

Now these Harley-Davidson Emilie slide sandals are definitely more my style and sell for $60 at Zappos. I’m liking the stud detail and 1″ platform making the 3″ heel feel like only 2″. I wish I would have gotten these instead my Aerosoles Eyelet Slides now.

Do you own any Harley Davidson shoes?

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2 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Boots & Sandals

  1. For my birthday last year I got a pair of HD Mikayla’s from my best male friend (next to my husband, of course). I love the boots, they are very sexy and comfortable.

    What a great present to get from a guy. Don’t you think? And I don’t even own a motorcycle, he just knows that I love sexy shoes and boots. Lucky me.

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