Finding Your Favorite Toe Rings

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There’s nothing better than looking down at freshly pedicured toes in summer. Although, adding a toe ring or two can really upgrade your foot game.

Toe rings are often overlooked in favor of earrings, necklaces, and other more noticeable adornments. But in summer, when your feet are finally out on show after being neglected all winter, isn’t it about time you added some sparkle to your toes?

Let’s take a look at some of the toe ring jewelry options available to help you find your favorites.

Make it Adjustable

Although it’s possible to choose some toe rings by size, most are open bands that you can adjust to fit the size of any toe to perfection.

Not having to worry about getting the right size makes it easier to shop online for wholesale toe rings. What’s more, you can feel free to choose a style you love rather than feeling limited by the toe ring jewelry styles in your size.

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Dainty and Delicate

If you’re shopping for your first toe ring, opting for something more delicate is often a more suitable option.

Thinner, plain bands are great for getting used to wearing toe rings. And, by making sure to choose an adjustable band in a thinner width, it’s easy to make it tighter or looser for optimal comfort.

14k Gold Filled Hawaiian Adjustable Open Toe Ring One Size Fits Most Toes

Express Your Personality

Toe ring jewelry might be small, but like any other form of jewelry, it’s a way to add interest and accessorize your look with an added dose of personality.

If you’re a boho babe who loves to travel, how about a toe ring featuring etched footprints or an eye-catching Balinese design? Show your love of animals with a paw, fox, or kitty design. Or, express your whimsical side with a toe ring featuring daisies, hearts, or stars.

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Subtle Yet Striking

Since toe rings are such an unexpected accessory, the smallest details and design features can often have a big impact, especially when combined with a killer tan and pristine pedicure.

We particularly love chevron-style toe rings for a subtle hint of added detail. Likewise, braided-design toe rings are an understated, fashionable, and feminine way to add interest to your toes.

Mixed Metals

While some retailers have a selection of gold toe rings, it’s more typical to see toe ring jewelry ranges in silver.

But, fans of gold jewelry shouldn’t worry about how silver toe rings might clash with their look. Mixing metals is now a huge trend, so feel free to mix gold, silver, and any other metals on your toes and wherever else you choose to adorn your body with jewelry.

TOBENY 12PCS 14K Gold Plated Adjustable Toe Rings for Women Flower Arrow Band Open Tail Ring Women Beach Foot Jewelry Set

Finding Your Favorite Toe Rings

Although you might not have considered wearing toe rings before, we hope that we’ve opened up your eyes to the world of toe ring jewelry options.

From cute animal adornments to plain bands, braided detailing to Balinese designs, there are plenty of different toe rings to choose from and wear in your own individual way.

For more fashion advice and style inspiration, be sure to check out our other blog posts!

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