How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes

How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes
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It is natural for shoes to become soiled over time since they contact the soil when we walk. Washing your shoe sole is a quick and straightforward task. Beat both shoes outside together to remove large chunks of debris, then scrub away any tenacious dirt left within the treads using a mudslinger or a plastic knife.

Soak the dirty bottom in soapy water for about 10-25 minutes before cleaning them with a brush. Rub a magic cleaner on your shoes if you need to quickly remove spots, scuffs, and stains.

However, having said this, let’s go into full details on the above subject to help you clean the bottom of your shoes.

A Step By Step Guide on How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes

Excessive Dirt Removal

To dislodge huge chunks of dirt, stomp your shoe soles together. Hold both shoes in separate hands and vigorously hammer the bottoms together for a couple of seconds. Doing so will help remove clumps of dried mud, soil, and other similar debris that have been encrusted on the sole. Do this outside to avoid littering the whole place.

Scrape the shoe bottoms carefully against the sidewalk or pavement if necessary to reduce heavy, sticky dirt.

Rubber Tread for Intensive Washing

Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and half full with liquid soap. Fill the container with about 1 inch of water, or enough to reach the shoe bottom, lower sides, and edges you are washing.

Stir one teaspoon of dish soap until the liquid forms a foamy, homogeneous solution.

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Soak the Shoes for about 10-25 Minutes in the Soapy Solution

Place the shoes in the water in an upright way. The mixture of detergent and warm water will effectively break away the dirt and stains on the bottoms as they sit.

Scrub with a Brush

Using a moist brush, scrub the bottoms of your shoes. Insert a shoe brush, old toothbrush, or other stiff brush into the soapy solution and use it to clean your shoes. Brush the bottom with the brush’s bristles until it’s clean, then continue with the second shoe.

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Air Dry

Allow your shoes to air dry or dry with a cotton towel. Fold the fabric into two to produce a thick layer, and wipe the stagnant water on the bottom of the shoes with it. You may also leave your shoes to dry on a shoe tree or rack. This approach takes a bit of time, but it’s more efficient.


We have come to the end of this informative guide. Even if cleaning the bottom of your shoes was difficult in the past, this article will hopefully make it less so now. Therefore, don’t hesitate always to come back here if you forget the process of cleaning the bottom of your shoes. Good luck.

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