How to Change Your Shoe Problem to No Longer a Problem

how to organize your shoes
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So, you’ve got a shoe problem. What can you do to make it less of a problem and more of a cherished collection?

Organization is key to not look like the crazy shoe lady when guests come over and shoes are spilling out of every closet and storage area. Finding innovative ways to store your shoes (because you’re not going to stop shopping) will help you to take control over your shoe collection immediately.

Sort By Season

Assess your shoe collection and evaluate which shoes can find their way into storage for the current and upcoming seasons. Of course you are going to have your favorite 10 pairs of shoes that you wear year-round and find them impossible to put away. However, those big furry winter boots (whether it is one or four pairs) can find their way into a storage area until next fall. During the spring time, move your flats and sandals towards the front of your shoe rack so that you don’t have to go digging through your others to find the match to that one strappy sandal that you want to wear.

Closet Arrangements

Your closet is going to probably be your number one place to keep your shoes organized and manage your collection. Try hanging a shoe rack on the back of your closet door to maximize floor space for larger boots. The hanging racks are great for flats and slippers.

You can put molding on any extra wall space in your closet to make a hanging rack for your high heels and also have them be super visible. If you don’t want to pack those out of season shoes away, put molding around your ceiling and put them out of sight and out of mind until the weather changes again!

Friend Swap

Is it strange to ask someone their shoe size when you first meet them? It is good to know your friend’s shoe size because swapping out shoes can keep your collection new and fresh to you. Sometimes it is hard to part with some shoes that you don’t wear as often, but if they can circulate through your friend group and maybe make their way back to you, then you never truly have to part with them. Get some good ideas from how your friend’s match them with different outfits and let them feel like a brand new pair if they make their way back to your closet. Having them out of your closet for a little while will make it feel like you are downsizing without actually having to fully part ways with your beloved shoes.

Entryway and Mudroom

No matter how cute those heels are, the first thing that you probably want to do when you get home is kick them off and get those bare feet on the floor. To keep on top of your organization game, set yourself up with proper shoe storage in the entryway or mudroom of your home.

Consider putting lockers in the boot room to put dirty or wet shoes in until they dry and can be put away elsewhere. If there is a bench in your entryway, utilize the space underneath by putting a shoe rack or a bin for the shoes that find themselves left in the front of the house.


There are a number of places that you can tactfully hide shoe racks throughout your home.

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If there is room underneath your bed, you can put storage bins or racks that can easily slide in and out for easy access. If you have a pull out sofa, you can remove the mattress and replace them with some of your less desired shoe collection. Pretty much any furniture can serve the purpose of giving you more storage room for your shoes. If you are the crafty type, you could repurpose an old dresser and create pull-out shoe racks in the drawers. A little paint on an antique dresser and you have a new piece of furniture for your living room and more shoe storage!

Managing your shoe addiction can make it less like a horde and more of a collection with a little organization. It can improve the look and feel of your home, enable you to have easier access to your collection and possibly even make you some new friends! Now, it’s time to get to work on those shoe swap invitations!


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