Why Vegan Running Shoes Can Change Your Workout Game

vegan running shoes
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Veganism is the act of not eating or using products that are sourced from any animal. While vegetarianism runs high, only about 1 million people are vegan

Being vegan pertains largely to diet, but did you know you can practice veganism in other parts of your life, like by opting for vegan running shoes?

If you’re interested in stepping up your running routine, here are some reasons why you should think about investing in a pair of vegan shoes for running. 

1. Sustainability

Adopting a vegan lifestyle has a tremendous impact on the environment. Sourcing the materials to make shoes or other vegan products encourages the life of our planet for future generations. Humans are able to continue using natural resources while avoiding problems like pollution and water usage, which are common when processing animal products. 

You can help curb the problem of pollution and energy and buy responsibly sourced shoes!

2. Good Ethics

Not only is it more sustainable, but it promotes the well-being of people as well. Most vegan shoes are not made in sweatshops with people working for little pay, but in environments that pay their workers a living wage. Some vegan shoe manufacturers also advocate for worker health.

3. Lots of Options

When you think of vegan shoes, you might be thinking about shoes made from leaves or plants, but they definitely don’t look like it! In fact, there are several different types of styles to choose from. 

You might see materials like bamboo, hemp, cotton, and other fibers. 

4. Keep Running Well

You might think that just because a product is vegan that it won’t live up to being of the same caliber as a regular running shoe, which still may have traces of leather. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Vegan shoe brands still make an effort to give you the best wear and comfort for running. You will have to try on a few just to make sure they’re right for you, but overall, you can feel confident that vegan shoes will support your running performance. 

How to Find Vegan Running Shoes

Perhaps you’re unsure about what to look for in a vegan running shoe. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

As mentioned above, some shoes are sources with small amounts of animal leather, excluding them from the vegan title. You want to look for shoes made with synthetic materials. 

The color of your shoes comes from dyes that may or may not be combined with animal sources. Check to determine whether your dyes are synthetic or natural. 

Other parts of the shoe like glue may come from animal bones. You’ll want to avoid these shoes and aim for glues not derived from animals. 

Are Vegan Running Shoes for You?

Vegan running shoes are a great way to help the planet and keep your running steady. If you’re thinking about ways to ensure sustainability and protect animals, then vegan shoes might be just what you’re looking for!

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