The Best Shoe Stretcher for You in 2022

Best Shoe Stretcher
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Every once in a while, we’ve been unfortunate enough to buy a beautiful shoe that is really uncomfortable. It may be small and tight in some areas, or you may have a bunion. Furthermore, there may be a pain point that you want to get rid of.

If you’ve got the best shoe stretcher, you can get rid of the pain point. In fact, you can stretch your shoe on any width or length to fit your feet comfortably. We have thoroughly reviewed the finest shoe stretchers for you to purchase.

How to Choose the Best Shoe Stretchers for Your Collection

Overall, shoe stretchers are designed differently for men and women. So you must choose accordingly. Moreover, another factor to consider is buying a plastic or wood stretcher. It just depends on your taste. However, wooden stretchers may be of better quality than their plastic counterparts. We recommend you choose a robust and sturdy piece to withstand repeated use.

KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women (Large)

Other than that, you can buy a single shoe stretcher. However, it is better to buy a pair of stretchers to stretch your shoes to the same lengths. Only some stretchers come with variable lengths and widths. The one that allows you to make adjustments in any direction is a well-suited choice.

The Most Popular Shoe Stretcher on the Market

There are hundreds of shoe stretchers on the market that are pretty popular. However, after a rigorous screening process, we handpicked the top shoe stretchers for you to try on. Read below to find out!

1. HOUNDSBAY Shoe Stretcher

The Houndsbay shoe stretcher is made of polished metal and the finest beach hardwood. Moreover, it comes with six metal plugs to fix any problem with bunions or pressure points.

In addition, it comes as a single shoe stretcher and is designed for both your right and left feet. You will not have to buy another sho stretcher ever again, because of its sturdy material this will last for the rest of your life.

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HOUNDSBAY Bulldog Premium Professional 2-Way Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men, Shoe Widener & Stretcher for Men with Wide Feet

2. FootFitter Shoe Stretcher

This one-way shoe stretcher comes with three metal plus to eliminate any particular pain point. The stretcher features a Beachwood base with stainless steel corn plugs. It is manufactured using top-notch quality material that will last a lifetime. However, do not use it with high heels, cowboy boots, or rubber shoes.

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FootFitter Heavy Duty Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher, Stretches Length & Width, Strong & Durable Construction - Men's L (US 11.5-13.5)

3. Formé Shoe Shapers

Forme Shoe Shapers are the perfect stretchers for women to adjust flats and high heels. It is the only shoe stretcher clinically proven to relieve pressure points in your shoewear.

Formé Shoe Shapers 

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4. Topsome Shoe Stretcher for Men

Topsome shoe stretchers are made of durable ABS plastic. It is suitable for men with shoe sizes US 9.5 to 13. This expander consists of 8 corn plugs, two height pads, and one shoehorn. Moreover, it is suitable for casual shoes, flats, canvas shoes, and sandals.

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Shoe Stretcher Men, 4-Way Shoe Expander Widener for Wide Feet Shoe Tree Shaper

5. Shoekeeper Wooden Shoe Stretcher

The Shoekeeper wooden shoe stretcher is a professional shoe stretcher that comes with spray and bunion plugs. The spray softens the leather to fasten up the stretching process. You can use it with both the right and left foot.

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Shoekeeper Men's Shoe Stretcher38; Spray Large US N-A, Natural, Size 10.5

How to Stretch Canvas Shoes?

A shoe stretcher works perfectly well. However, if you do not have a stretcher, just find a pair of thick socks and wear them with your canvas shoes. This ought to loosen the shoe. Wear the socks for many hours and repeat the technique.

Do Shoe Stretchers Work?

Shoe stretchers are an effective tool to help you fit in a shoe comfortably. They work up the lengths and widths of your shoe however you like.

How to Stretch Fabric Shoes?

You can use a shoe-stretching spray like the one from Foot Matters, to soften the fabric and speed up the process. Then, use a shoe stretcher and turn it inside the shoe every ten hours to obtain the best results.

FootMatters Professional Boot & Shoe Stretch Spray – Softener & Stretcher for Leather, Suede, Nubuck, Canvas – 4 oz

FootMatters Professional Boot & Shoe Stretch Spray – Softener & Stretcher for Leather, Suede, Nubuck, Canvas – 4 oz

How To Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet?

If your fabric shoe does not have any metal pieces, you can put the shoes in the microwave for about fifteen seconds. Wear them when they are still warm and walk around for a while. Repeat the process thrice.

The Best Shoe Stretchers for Your Collection

These were the best shoe stretchers available in the market. Moreover, they are not only affordable but also durable. These stretchers are a lifesaver. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best shoe stretchers and look your best! We wish you good luck.

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