Are ECCO Shoes Good?

Are ECCO Shoes Good
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Back in 1963, Kar Toosbuy started the ECCO company in Denmark. In the eighties, the brand extended its operations to a global level. Moreover, by 1982, product sales had gone up to about one million pairs annually. Even after six decades, they make high-quality shoes and sports gear for all genders and ages.

On that note, all shoes from the ECCO brand are versatile and super-comfortable. Thus, they are suitable for use on every occasion, including parties, working in the office, or as casual wear. In that manner, this company continues to provide elegant footwear that you won’t have trouble including in your usual setups.

Popular ECCO Styles and Colors

Some of the trending ECCO shoe models include:

  • ECCO’s Helsinki Oxford for men’s formal wear
  • Soft 7 Sneaker, a more comfortable model and available in all women’s sizes
  • Golf Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes for golfers
  • Yucatan, Flowt, and Corksphere sandals for ladies
ECCO Men's Yucatan Sport Sandal, Black/Mole/Black Oil Nubuck, 9-9.5
ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sport Sandal

Do ECCO Shoes Run Small or Big?

ECCO ensures to create comfy shoes that won’t burden your stride. To that end, they aim to offer true-to-size products. However, some customers find a few models running slightly bigger, which isn’t the norm. Nevertheless, ECCO’s shoes utilize a singular type of fit, and due to this, they are compatible with various shapes of feet. Besides, these shoes offer a fit from the heel to the instep instead of the ball of your foot. In short, they feature the famous “ECCO Freedom Fit”. Furthermore, other shoes offer fits across the width of the feet, restricting the natural spread of toes.

ECCO brand has slip-resistant shoes. They have a polyurethane or rubber sole. Fusion II Slip-On shoe is the best example of a slip-resistant and supportive shoe. As such, they are a decent choice if you spend a lot of time moving during the day. Also, Oxford’s shoe models are suitable for slick surfaces.

ECCO Men's Soft Classic Sneaker, MAGNET, 10 M US
ECCO Men’s Soft Classic Sneaker


The ratings listed below are from the Amazon online store. At the same time, the quantity of available user reviews is another confirmation of this brand’s competitive prices. On this note, taking the time to read a few of the testimonials can allow you to form a clearer picture of these models.

  • ECCO Sandals Multisport Shoes – 4.7 stars from 5,681 ratings
  • ECCO Soft Classic Sneaker – 4.3 stars from 1,361 ratings
  • The ECCO Helsinki Oxford – 4.6 stars from 2,445 ratings
  • Men’s ECCO Helsinki Slip-On – 4.6 stars from 3,613 ratings
  • ECCO Track 25 Low Gore-tex – 4.6 stars from 954 ratings
  • ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker – 4.6 stars, 1,131 ratings
ECCO Women's Yucatan Sport Sandal, Atmosphere/Ice White/Black, 9-9.5
ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sport Sandal

How to Maintain Your ECCO Shoes

The best item for this is ECCO’s Foam Cleaner. One can use it with warm water and a brush or cloth to rub the shoe surface. At that point, it would help if you applied circular motions, which are effective when dealing with dirt and stains. Later, remember to cover the shoe using a small cotton towel. In that way, the cloth will start absorbing moisture. So, use this method for around one hour. Afterward, leave the shoe to air dry.

Furthermore, the ECCO brand also makes waterproofing spray which acts as a protective layer. This will guard your show against rain, dirt, and moisture. Nevertheless, if required, you can add another coating and leave the shoe to air dry.

ECCO mens Track 25 High Gore-tex Hiking Boot, Bison/Bison Oil Nubuck, 12 US
ECCO mens Track 25 High Gore-tex Hiking Boot

Where To Purchase ECCO Shoes?

One can quickly get ECCO shoes at the company’s official website and other affiliate websites, including Amazon. As for their official domain, they ensure to have the most popular items in stock. Naturally, searching on that platform is the surest path to a genuine product. On that note, avoid looking for these shoes on unverified sites involving broken links. The same goes when looking for ECCO items in physical stores. Like with many similarly popular brands, a trained eye can spot an original from a fake. Typically, the ECCO brand engraves the name on the sole. Also, inspect the upper side of the shoe and look for a stamp with the company’s logo.

ECCO Women's Soft 7 Sneaker, Stone Metallic, 8-8.5
ECCO Women’s Soft 7 Sneaker

Where to Buy Dupes

Several retailers online claim to sell genuine ECCO shoes. Hence, you can get quality and original ECCO products from their official site and authorized retailers. For example, try typing the name of the model you’re looking for at Alibaba.com. However, note that such items might look close to the real thing, but there’s no comparison in practice. They comprise lower quality materials and don’t come from the same factories. Therefore, switching to them after wearing genuine ECCO products is quite the change.

Image Source: ECCO US

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