5 Steps to Getting the Perfect Work Boot Fit

Work Boots
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People in wide range of different fields of put on work boots on a daily basis as part of their job. If you are going to be wearing one pair of boots all day, moving around, you need to be comfortable. This means that every year you may need to buy new work boats to replace your worn shoes. The process of choosing and buying new shoes can be daunting because you don’t want to waste money and time on the wrong boots, but this need not be the case.

Work boots are sturdy, and the good quality ones typically don’t come cheap. Therefore, if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a shoe, then it should be the right fit for you. Wearing boots that are too big or small will cause unnecessary strain on the muscles in your feet, and will leave you feeling uncomfortable all through the day. Here are some tips to help you choose the right fit for work boots.

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Check Out These Incredibly Useful Tips on How to Choose the Right Work Shoe Fit

Primarily, with boots, you cannot determine what will fit you until you try the shoes on. Therefore, after you choose the pairs you prefer, and you get around to buying them, remember the following things:

1. You Have To Try It On

You cannot say that a shoe will fit you until you actually wear it and move around in it. Therefore, when you are going shopping, be prepared for this part. You should select the boots you want, have your foot sized and then try on each pair before making a decision. If you choose to do the walk test at home, be sure to do it on a carpet. It is imperative because if the fit is not right, you will need to return the shoe to the store. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can ‘wear the boot in’ – boots do take on your foot shape, but they should be comfortable from the start – especially if you are choosing steel toe boots or composite toe boots.

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2. Your Toes Need Wiggle Room

When you put the shoe on you should wiggle your toes. If they touch the front of the boots, then you need to get a bigger size. Although you should not buy a shoe that is oversized, you need to make sure that your toes have some room. This way even when your feet swell, as they most likely will at some point, your feet still have enough room. While on the topic of wiggle room, try to fit your shoe shopping in the afternoon hours. This way, your feet will be at their biggest, having swollen already, thus ensuring that the shoe fit is perfect for you.

3. Your Heels Should Be Comfortable

Most people do not think of their foot moving in the shoe as they walk or run around during the day. However, when you fit shoes, this is something you cannot afford to overlook. A comfortable work boot will hold your foot securely. It means that you can rotate and flex your foot freely. However, your heels and ankles should be held firmly. If you notice that you heel keeps sliding against the inside of the shoe, then that boot does not fit you properly.

4. Lacing Up Makes All the Difference

We use laces to keep the shoe in check, in most cases when you lace up your boots they also fit more snugly. Therefore, when you get the shoe, wear it without the laces. With an pair of footwear that is too small you will not be able to fit your finger between the boot and your foot. In other cases, there might be too much space. After doing so, you can lace the boots and continue with the walk test.

5. Carry Your Socks with You

By now you have probably realized that your shoes fit in a different way when you accompany them with a pair of warm boot socks or athletic socks.

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Wearing socks with your boot will not only give you a better fit, but your feet will also be more comfortable and less sweaty.

By following these tips, you will get the right fit of shoes, and you will be smiling all day and every day as you work on the job you love most!

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