Vacation Sandals for Spring

sandals to wear on vacation
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It’s hard believe that yesterday was the first official full day of Spring when it was blustery and cold outside while the wind whipped snow across my office window all day. The winter weather has been really been getting me down lately (and being sick and having my dad die hasn’t helped either). Anyway, what helps cure the winter blues? You guessed right – retail therapy is what the doctor ordered to help me get in the mood for Spring. So I went shoe shopping! And I found some super cute sandals at Target!

Seeing these Mossimo Patricia Fabric Covered Wedge Sandals makes me wish I had a Spring vacation planned so I had an excuse to buy and wear these cute platform sandals! They come in an array of fun colors, patterns and fabrics. Oh yeah, I can see myself wearing these on a cruise to a tropical island, provided the cruise ship doesn’t lose power like a few of them have lately, oy.

Women's Lavinia Toe Wrap Thong Sandal Silver 8M

And what about these Mossimo Supply Co. Lakitia Flat Sandals? Another cute sandal that also comes in an array of fun colors, patterns and fabrics. I can definitely see myself wearing these while walking along a white sandy beach, fruity drink in hand. Just dreaming of a vacation is making my mood happier!

Well, I didn’t walk out of the store with any new sandals, but I did get some cute flats – check out my new shoes on Instagram (do you follow @shoeaholism yet?). Yep, It’s Time for Springtime.

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