How To Spice Up Date Night With Sexy Shoes

How To Spice Up Date Night With Sexy Shoes
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Date night is not a night to slip into some yoga pants and a slouchy t-shirt. Not unless you are bored with your man (or so comfortable in each other’s company that intellectual stimulation is all you need). No, date night is a golden opportunity to leave your comfortable flats in the closet and pull on a pair of sexy heels instead. So what are your options?

Clothing is a key part of any date night, for the first half at least. If you have a casual trip to the movies followed by a burger for two, a pair of skinny jeans and a tank should do just fine, but if you want to dress up a little, step into a figure hugging dress or a pretty playsuit. Either way, a gorgeous pair of embellished shoes or skyscraping heels will elevate your outfit to perfection, especially if you add some classy diamond jewelry from ascotdiamonds.com to the mix.

Choose Suitable Footwear

Shoes can make or break an outfit, so it is important to choose the right footwear. Flashy heels are perfect for date night, but not all of us can walk in vertiginous stilettoes. There is nothing worse than teetering along, looking as if you have raided your mother’s closet for a dress-up outfit. It just isn’t classy.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you really struggle to wear heels, practice makes perfect. Go shopping the week before your hot date and find the perfect pair of shoes. Wear them at home as much as you can. This will give you ample time to get used to the extra height afforded by a pair of vertiginous heels. If you find the balls of your feet are unbearably painful – a common problem amongst women who are not used to wearing heels – invest in some gel insoles to cushion your feet.

It will take time to adjust to wearing high heels if all you ever wear as a rule are flat pumps, but persevere and you will slowly get used to the shift in your center of balance. Before long heels will feel perfectly normal and you will enjoy your sexy new persona.

Add Some Decorative Touches

Whilst heels are a perfect date night accessory, it is nice to go the extra mile for your man with a pair of embellished, jewel-encrusted glamor-puss heels. Strappy sandals covered in diamante crystals or platform heels with decorative touches will add a touch of magic to your outfit.

Even a pair of plain black sandals looks a thousand times better when they have shimmering silver heels or velvet ankle straps. Black is the ultimate mix and match color for any outfit, but don’t be afraid of wearing colored shoes. Gold is classy, especially with a little black dress and matching gold accessories, but red sandals are super sexy too.

Look for shoes with extra embellishments such as jewels, studs, flowers and ribbons. Designer heels are good, but if this is outside of your budget, look for cheaper alternatives online.

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How To Spice Up Date Night With Sexy Shoes

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