How to Clean Vessi Shoes: A Complete Guide

How to Clean Vessi Shoes
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Vessi is a footwear company founded in 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, that claims to make the all-purpose Sneaker. The company designs its shoes and manages its operations at its Vancouver headquarters. However, the actual manufacturing process is in Taiwan. Vessi shoes are lightweight, waterproof, and suit most occasions, whether indoors or outdoors. This article provides details of the company and their footwear to help you decide when you go shopping.

Trending Footwear Styles from Vessi

Vessi’s product catalog is limited, and rightfully so. You cannot make too many variations of an all-purpose shoe. The company presents seven shoe choices for men and women, with two options for kids picked from the same lineup:

  • Everyday Move – for an active lifestyle
  • Everyday Move Slip-On – the easier-to-wear version
  • Weekend Sneaker – classic sneaker design
  • Everyday Sneaker – for daily use
  • Weekend Chelsea – an ankle boot with sneaker characteristics
  • Cityscape Sneaker – skeel and light
  • Sunday Slippers – for laid back moments

These sneakers feature the patented Dyma-tex knit material that lets out heat and moisture but keeps water out. In addition, they are lightweight and flexible yet tough enough to withstand everyday abuse and more without losing structural integrity.

Vessi shoes have a minimalist design, with all sneakers having a white sole. There are several color options:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Purple
  • Brown

The sock-like Dyma-tex fabric hugs your feet without constricting them, ensuring maximum comfort. In addition, the shoes feature replaceable antibacterial insoles that you can swap out for custom or orthodontic ones.

If you care for your impact on the environment, Vessi shoes are your perfect choice. The company doesn’t use any animal products in making Vessi shoes, thus lowering its carbon emissions. In addition, the company manages to produce sneakers faster than its competitors. Exact figures of the rate or positive environmental impact aren’t available, but clearly, the company is doing something right.


Vessi women’s shoes come in US size five through 11 or EU size 35-36 through 41-42 for the Everyday and Everyday Slip-On. The Cityscape shoes start from US size six onwards, or EU size 36-37. In addition, the Weekend Sneaker, Chelsea, and Sunday Slippers fit one size larger than the others.

Vessi men’s shoes come in US size six through 14 or EU size 38-39 through 49 for the Everyday and Everyday Slip-On. The Cityscape shoes have similar sizing, except they don’t have a US size 14 or EU size 49. In addition, the Weekend Sneaker, Chelsea, and Sunday Slippers fit one size larger than the others, but only up to a US size 13 or EU size 47.5.

Note that Vessi shoes don’t have a wide fit option. While the design is flexible and caters to most foot sizes, those with particularly wide feet may not be comfortable. The good news is all Vessi shoes are unisex, meaning you can pick from either side for a comfortable fit. The size guide chart on the company’s website will help you.


Most customer reviews thus far praise the build quality and waterproof design of Vessi shoes. The Everyday collection provides a comfortable fit, is the most lightweight, and keeps your feet sufficiently aerated. The Everyday Slip-On is easy to live with since it saves you from lacing. These ankle-length sneakers feel like socks on your feet. However, the area around your ankles tends to stretch over time.

The Weekend collection is chunkier and freer, making the already comfortable fit even more relaxing. The Sunday Slippers are meant for your least active periods, preferably in the house or on strolls.

How to Clean Vessi Shoes

You can machine wash Vessi shoes from the Weekend collection, which is convenient and efficient. You only need to remove the laces and insoles and place them in a delicate wash bag before throwing them into the machine. Ensure the water is cold and avoid using bleach.

You’ll need soap, warm water, and a soft cloth for the Everyday collection and Cityscape shoes. It is best to hand wash the shoes and scrub gently with a cloth.

To avoid frequent washing, you need to invest in darker shades. Those tend to hide minimal dirt well, unlike the lighter colors that spoil your look even with the slightest smudge.

Where to Buy Vessi Shoes

You can buy these shoes from the company’s website, vessi.com. Vessi currently ships to Canada, Australia, the US, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea. Shipping takes 2-8 days in the North American region and 7-14 days for other regions.

You can also buy Vessi shoes at pop-up stores. Vessi occasionally runs pop-up stores to give customers a chance to try out the shoes before buying. Therefore, you can check for such events through the company’s social media pages.

Where to Buy Dupes

Genuine Vessi shoes are only available through the company’s online store or pop-up stores. Any other online or brick-and-mortar seller will likely sell you fake Vessi shoes. While many other brands are selling waterproof sneakers, don’t trust any claiming to sell Vessi shoes.

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