Golden Goose Sneakers Dupe or Authentic?

golden goose sneaker dupe
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All About Golden Goose Sneakers, what are they, why the are trending on TikTok and where to get the best dupes!

Golden Goose Super-Star Leather Upper and Heel Suede Star and Heel Womens Sneaker GWF00102.F002181.10509-37 Ice Blue

When it comes to fashionable sneakers, one brand name is on the tip of everyone’s tongues: Golden Goose.

Sneakers are among the most versatile types of footwear on the market. Everyone should own at least one pair and keep them in their shoe rotation.

First of all, sneakers are supremely comfortable and are great to wear if you’re on your feet for much of the day. Additionally, especially in recent years, sneakers have been regarded as highly fashionable and have even been acceptable in some working environments.

Golden Goose sneakers are a coveted brand of sneakers up there with the Gucci Screeners, which have the same scuffed worn in look. Golden Goose is famous for their glittery star logo and playfully roughed up appearance. If you’ve ever wanted to know about Golden Goose sneakers or where to find dupes for Golden Goose sneakers, here’s what you should know.

What Are Golden Goose Sneakers?

Golden Goose sneakers are popular low-rise and high-top lace-up sneakers featuring a large and often shiny star logo on the side. The brand was started in Italy but has since gone global, in part drawing attention for their “perfect imperfections.” Each pair of sneakers comes scuffed up, but the levels of wear depend on the style you choose. Some sneakers will appear completely pre-worn, while others—called “starter” or “pure white”—will have limited wear and tear.

Popular Styles of Golden Goose Sneakers

As with many unique and trendy fashion items, there are certain Golden Goose sneaker styles that are highly sought after. One of the most popular styles offered by the brand is the Golden Goose Super-Star.

These sneakers often feature glittery facets like heel stripes, the star logo, and more. Golden Goose sneakers with glitter are some of the most recognizable styles in streetwear. Another popular Golden Goose style is the Ball Star sneaker. These sneakers are a low-top silhouette but have a thicker, higher sole, offering a bit more comfort and height to the wearer.

Where to Buy Authentic Golden Goose Sneakers

If you are looking for Golden Goose sneakers and you want to spend the money on authentic sneakers, there are a few options you can choose from.

You can always buy them directly from the Golden Goose brand website, but other retailers offer them as well. Nordstrom features a range of popular Golden Goose sneaker styles, as does Revolve, Gilt, and Net a Porter. Any of these online retailers are great options, especially if you’re looking to purchase more than just the Golden Goose sneakers.

Where to Find the Best Golden Goose Dupes

For many people, the Golden Goose price tag is a bit too steep. These sneakers run at least $500, and that isn’t always feasible for a pair of sneakers, no matter how cool and on trend they are!

However, if you want the look of Golden Goose sneakers without paying the price, you can look for a Golden Goose sneakers dupe.

The Steve Madden Starling sneakers available at Zappos deliver much the same look for only $70. Same cute white sneakers with colorful stars and details, only difference is you might need to give them that worn in look by hand!

Another option is the Goodnight Macaroon Vanessa sneaker, which have the same star design and roughed up appearance. Choose from white or black base or at this price, get them both!

The Vintage Havana line of sneakers at DSW is another great place to look for Golden Goose dupes. Choose from a range of both low top and high-top styles and fun color combos including pastel pink panels or full on gold glitter!

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