All About Fiorentini and Baker: The Celebrity Go-To Boot Brand

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All About Fiorentini and Baker

This Italian shoe brand from designers Deborah Baker and Paolo Fiorentini is chic, effortless, and steeped in quality.

Fiorentini and Baker is an Italian footwear brand known for their timeless designs and artisan quality. Fiorentini and Baker boots come in a variety of styles for both men and women and feature high quality leather materials.

With the shift away from fast fashion and the trend cycle, consumers are opting for higher quality goods that last a long time and hold their value and shape. If you’re curious about this trending brand, here’s what you should know about Fiorentini and Baker.

About the Brand

Fiorentini and Baker was founded in 2001 by English designer Deborah Baker and interior designer Paolo Fiorentini. The brand is based in Italy and specializes in artisan-made shoes with the finest quality leather, suede, and other materials. The factories in which Fiorentini and Baker boots and sneakers are made are small, intimate, and family-run, which contributes to the footwear’s quality and charm.

Their artisanal boots run between 400 and 650 euros, while the ankle boots are priced between 330 and 390 euros. Their high-quality sneakers are around 300 euros per pair, and the oxford and brogue style leather shoes are around 300 to 350 euros per pair.

Despite the higher price point, Fiorentini and Baker boots are beloved by celebrity consumers and ordinary citizens alike. High-profile celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have been seen wearing Fiorentini and Baker boots. Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, Julianna Margulies and Kate Beckinsdale have also been spotted sporting the Italian footwear brand.


Popular Fiorentini and Baker Boots Styles

While the whole of the brand has something of a following, there are specific Fiorentini and Baker boot styles that are especially popular.

The Eternity boots are some of the top sellers from the brand. This includes the Envy style, which is a Chelsea ankle boot shape in reddish brown and black leathers.



The Eternity Massive boots are lace-up combat boots with side zippers, while the Massive Even boots are a slouchy pull-on ankle boot style.

The Eternity Eli boots are another popular Fiorentini and Baker style. These rugged leather ankle boots feature a buckle around the ankle and a loose upper shaft.



The broader range of Fiorentini and Baker ankle boots are highly sought after across all their specific styles, as they come in a variety of colorways and with numerous different details such as buckles, zippers, and laces.

Where to Buy Fiorentini and Baker Footwear

Fiorentini and Baker footwear can be purchased directly from the brand on their online website. They are also available on Yoox, an online fashion retailer that offers a variety of brands.

Where to Buy Fiorentini and Baker Shoes Secondhand

Because of the high quality of Fiorentini and Baker shoes and their popularity among numerous consumers, you can find Fiorentini and Baker shoes secondhand online.

Some popular secondhand retailers that you can check for the Fiorentini and Baker boots or shoes of your choice, including some of our favorites such as Vestiaire Collective where you can shop from a global network of vetted sellers. 

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