Stylish and Sexy: 5 of the Sexiest Shoes Women Can Wear in 2019

Stylish and Sexy: 5 of the Sexiest Shoes Women Can Wear in 2019

If you’re trying to look sexy for a big night out, never overlook your shoes. Sure, a body-hugging dress will do a lot of the heavy lifting. Having big, tousled hair will help. But your shoes are what complete the look. A pair of sensible loafers may be comfortable, but they’ll ruin the overall aesthetic. […]

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3D printing is set to be big news for the shoe industry

The Shoes Of The Future

The humble pair of shoes has seen many developments over the years. From their initial conception over 40,000 years ago to the blinked up versions that we wear today, it’s fair to say that shoes have come a long way. As modern technology continues to develop, and shoe designers explore new and exciting developments in […]

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Designing From the Feet Up: A Review of the Shoe Design Process

Footwear is intended to serve a simple purpose: to protect the feet from the extremities. Yet, footwear design is a complicated process. Aside from protecting feet, shoes need to meet the aesthetic needs of the user as well as provide comfort. Interestingly, many people can’t even describe why they feel connected to a particular pair […]