Can a girl ever own too many pairs of shoes? According to shoe basics 101, the answer is no, but there are 3 pairs of shoes that should be in your closet today.

Shoe Basics: 3 Pairs of Shoes That Should Be in Your Closet

The average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes. For many, this number may seem like a major understatement. However, you may find that with the right shoe basics you’re able to coordinate with practically any outfit. If you are looking to simplify your wardrobe, read on for some helpful tips on decluttering your shoe collection. Sticking […]

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12 Tips on How to Care for Your Dance Shoes

A dancer who needs to perform at the professional level and an individual who pursues dancing as a hobby need to preserve a few things. The dancewear and the shoes are probably the most important things that a dancer has to maintain. While most of you take good care of your dancewear, the dance shoes […]