Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions

Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions
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A bunion is a really bad disease in which the bone around your big toe starts to develop and hurt. Playing tennis without proper shoes can make this worse. However, you can also treat this condition with the right footwear. For example, you can get special tennis shoes for bunions. These will have wider fittings so that you don’t irritate your feet too much. Plus, they come in various shapes and forms.

Nowadays, you’ll find many famous brands offering the best tennis shoes for bunions. In other words, companies work alongside scientists to come up with beneficial designs. To point you in the right direction, we’ve singled out the three best choices for tennis shoes for bunions.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

Nike created these shoes to prevent foot pain caused by bony lumps. Hence, this design is great for long-lasting matches due to its reliability. On that note, Nike also developed one of its most streamlined shapes ever seen on a shoe. As a result, this product is easily recognizable and unique.

Furthermore, these shoes have a patented Phylon midsole that provides superior comfort at all times. At the same time, it plays a hand in the shoe’s sturdiness, meaning it won’t lose its shape mid-play. Similarly, the high-quality outsole material allows you to run on hard surfaces without constant pain. Also, these shoes feature a locked-in fit, which is preferable for sports like tennis.

Nike Zoom Vapor X Posite Rare Basketball- Tennis Shoe AO8760-500 Size 11
Nike Zoom Vapor X

Adidas Men’s Sole Court Boost Parley

Adidas is another big name that cuts no corners to derive useful items for treating bunions. Hence, they’ve invented this design that’s durable enough to withstand sudden collisions that occur during a tennis match. In that sense, this product will protect your foot from the pain caused by bunions.

These shoes a great for those suffering from a persnickety heel bunion. Due to the lightweight (yet sturdy) upper material and stitched seams, this model can be the solution for this common issue. Plus, it won’t lose its efficacy even when playing on a clay court.

K-Swiss Men’s Big Shot Light

K-Swiss is famous for creating some of the best tennis shoes for bunions. Recently, they’ve also turned heads for their over-the-counter orthotics and other therapeutic devices. Their latest creation is the Big Shot collection for aiding those with fallen arches. Thanks to their orthopedic design, the shoes limit the pain caused by bunions. To that end, they feature extra space to avoid contact with the inflamed area.

K-Swiss Mens Bigshot Lite 4 Tennis Shoe (White/Highrise/Black, 10.5)
K-Swiss Mens Bigshot Lite

Final Thoughts

In general, the best tennis shoes for bunions pain have a light and durable construction. Also, they use special shapes to minimize brushing off of the bump. Currently, you can comb through the offerings of many famous companies offering these types of shoes. For example, consider our choices from brands like Nike, Adidas, and K-Swiss. All of these choices have cushioned midsoles and designs that avoid poking the joints of your big toes. As a result, you can enjoy a long-lasting tennis match even when dealing with bunions.

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