5 Shoes to Wear with Chinos

Shoes to Wear with Chinos
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Chinos are the most versatile trousers you could wish to have in your closet. In this day and age, as trousers become increasingly varied, denim is no longer the staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Hailing from quintessentially English, Ralph Lauren sportswear, the chino represents effortless chic, their up-take by the tomboy trend allowing chinos to remain a cool and comfortable look. Their versatility means you can take this classic piece of clothing and pair them with an array of shoes to create many different and contrasting looks.

1. The BrogueDr. Martens Women's Sita 3-Tie Brogue Shoe Wedge

Pair chinos with a classic pair of brogues and you’ll immediately resemble a high flying city author or a character from a Nora Ephron film. Recently worn by Alexa Chung, who is often considered responsible for allowing brogues their fashion revival, she has previously paired them with tiny denim shorts and a blazer jacket. Match your brogues with some tan chinos and a dark leather belt for an extra touch of professional chic.

2. The Stiletto

Match chinos with a pair of sky high stilettos and you will ooze a Victoria Beckham fierceness and take power dressing to the next level. If you want to add some glamour to your wardrobe, stilettos and chinos are the place to start. Wearing heels with your chinos is the perfect way to show off your legs and appear stylish and elegant. This is the perfect example of contrast dressing; mixing elegant heels with casual, daywear chinos is perfect for a first date or cocktails with friends.

3. The Slipper

A velvet slipper is the perfect symbol of the elegance and glamour of a bygone era. More and more stores are coming up with their own version of the slipper, and to great effect. Try a black velvet slipper embossed with gold stitch and team them with some classic chinos. You will instantly combine the glamorous with the casual to create a contemporary version of a classic. This look is perfect for relaxing at a friend’s house or a picnic in the park.

4. The Wedge

The wedge is a woman’s best friend. A comfortable pair of trusted wedges with some chinos is the prefect look for a woman on the go. They can easily transition from day to night and informal to formal occasions. If you want to make your outfit look more feminine, adding a pair of wedges is the perfect addition. Comfortable wedges and chinos are perfect for a shopping expedition and for popping into a wine bar afterwards to relax.

5. The Sneaker

No longer just an All Star staple. The sneaker has transcended social class to become one of the must haves in any shoe collection. The most versatile of shoes, they are perfect to combine with chinos to create that casual, preppy look. Sneaker shoes such as Converse are no longer just found on American school baseball pitches, but are now being paired with chinos and are making a fashion statement on British streets. Harness your inner-tomboy and combine tan chinos with a flash of bright, All-star colour.

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