5 Pairs of Shoes Every College Girl Needs In Their Wardrobe

5 Pairs of Shoes Every College Girl Needs In Their Wardrobe
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Fashion trends change constantly. To keep up with them, we all read fashion advice, watch fashion shows, and roam the stores for what’s trending. But for a student with a lot on her plate and little in her pockets, going around buying everything she sees on TV is simply not smart. If you want to cover the college expenses, pay off those student loans, and actually get to wear the clothes you buy – you must pick wisely. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of five pairs of college shoes that every college girl should have in her wardrobe.

1. Slides and Flip Flops

Even when the season isn’t warm, you need some slides and flip flops. This may sound strange now, but flip flops are the must have shoes for people who live in a dorm. They are flexible and will help you move around without the hassle of dressing up. You can put the slides on your feet when you go next door to borrow some sugar for your coffee. You’ll be thankful for those flip flops when you have to use the community bathroom. 

5 Pairs of Shoes Every College Girl Needs In Their Wardrobe

Flip flops and slides might not be the shoes you’ll be wearing to class or when you’re going out, but they are the most flexible, economical, and useful shoes you can get for your new home. 

2. Boots

When it comes to girls and cold weather, boots are the best everyday shoes they can get. The purpose of such shoes is to keep you warm, which is why you’re better off spending more on quality boots than buying a couple of cheap pairs to wear with your outfit. 

Your fashion and appearance does not have to suffer just because you can afford one good pair of weather-appropriate boots. Boots are cute shoes for girls if you know what to pick. We constantly see the cute combinations of boots with socks, leggings, and jeans. Just get a neutral color that you can mix with everything, a shoe that can go with different styles and, most importantly – something that will keep you warm and dry. 

3. Heels

Girls love shoes but most of all, they love their heels. Even if you’re not the type of girl who goes in heels or attends many parties, you need at least one pair of statement heels in your closet. 

black platform pumps

You’ll definitely need them at some point. If you have the means and the wish, you can get different colors, sizes and shapes. If you don’t, black statement heels should do the job.

4. Sneakers

Since we’re already talking comfortable, let’s say what everyone thinks – sneakers. Sneakers are the thing you need for exercise, which is crucial for your health and figure. They will keep you warm, make your feet comfortable, and let you move around with ease. 

Sneakers are no longer seen as a sport-type of shoes today. With the right cute top or the nice dress, you can use them to complete any look from workout look to trendy look. They provide the balance you need to keep yourself on your feet throughout a busy school day, just like Edubirdie helps with the assignments you have due that day but forgot about. 

If you don’t know what type of sneakers to choose, go for casual sneaker. This is the shoe to go to when you don’t have the money to buy different kinds of sneakers. 

5. Flats

Heels look amazing and all girls love to wear them, but what happens when your feet get really tired and swollen? No one expects you to move around in the high, uncomfortable heels all the time. You need to attend classes, run errands, not to mention walk around campus. 

No matter how great your heels are, they will be uncomfortable at some point. They can also be bad for your back, which makes it obvious that you need some simple flats, too. 

Flats today come in many shapes, colors, and even types. Flip flops might not be appropriate for class, but some strappy sandals will be perfect for moving around in the warm days. If the weather is colder, you can pick between hundreds of closed flats choices in every shop you go to. 

If your budget is low, go for something standard and simple. This way, you can mix the flats with everything from a summer dress to a warm pair of leggings. 


Do you possess all the items in this list? You don’t have to go overboard and buy pairs and pairs of shoes. Just get one casual and neutral pair of all and mix them out with your wardrobe. 

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