10 Summer Sandal Styles That You Have to Try

Summer Sandal Styles
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Sun’s out, toes out! As the weather warms up, you’ll find yourself swapping your trusted winter boot for some fun summer sandals. It can be tempting to stick to what you know, but with so many fun sandal styles, you’re bound to find a new style to fall in love with this summer.

Get ready for pedicures, summer 2021 beach trips, long social nights with the girls, and lots of ice cream. You need shoes that are going to make every moment a stylish memory. Here are our 10 favorite summer sandal styles for you to try out this summer.

1. Flip-Flops

The trusted flip-flop. These easy sandals slip right on whenever you’re heading out. Opt for a spongy pair with a thicker strap if you’re going to do a lot of walking, as these tend to be much comfier. If you’re out to a nice dinner, get a pair with a little wedge or some sparkles on the strap to add extra glam factor. And if you’re hitting the beach, make sure you find a pair that doesn’t retain too much water.
With these 3 flip-flops in your closet, you’ll be ready for all of summer’s moments.

2. Leather

Missing the chicness of your ankle boots? Have no fear, leather sandals are about to rock your world. By opting for sandals with a leather strap, you’re instantly adding elegance to your summer outfits. Wear them with your favorite sundress, that booty poppin’ bikini, or a stunning maxi skirt. By purchasing leather sandals in a neutral color, you can make them go with everything in your summer wardrobe.

3. Vegan

Love the look of leather, but not the ethics? We hear you. You can save the Earth and still look incredible with vegan leather styles. Opt for nude if you wear many light colors, or go for a black pair to complement your summer nighttime glam looks. You’ll be amazed by how chic you look in your sustainable vegan sandals. Now, go out there and spread the word that vegan doesn’t mean a compromised style.

4. Strappy

Get funky with strappy sandals. By putting straps in avant-garde places, you can easily show off an edgier style this summer. Depending on your preference, choose a between the toe style, around the ankle style, or all over the foot strappy design. Pair them with some chunky jewelry and a fringe tote, then rock the festival look daily. Get ready to make a statement every time you walk into the room.

5. Embellished

Does summer style instantly make you think of casual clothing? It doesn’t have to. Embellished sandals are a fun way to show off your girly side, especially if you’re headed out to a lovely summer dinner or elegant cocktail hour. Find sandals with gems, beading, or patterns, then choose whichever pair makes you feel beautiful. Your toes deserve to get glammed up even in the casual summertime.

6. Wedges

Give your height an extra oomph without sacrificing comfort. Wedge sandals are great because a stronger heel gives your foot more support than the standard stiletto. Embrace a boho style with an espadrille or create a more modern look with a cork or wood heel. Then put on your favorite sundress or even light denim jeans. You’ll walk into any location like you own the place.

7. Gladiator

There’s something so fun about sandals that go around your ankle. For a flat sandal, they visually add a little height and draw the eye down to your pretty toes. They look incredible with any skirts above the knee but can also glam up a simple pair of jean shorts. Go for a neutral pair so that it’s versatile enough to pair with all of your summer outfits, but make sure you embrace little pops of metallic to add some fun.

8. Stiletto

Getting ready to really go out? There’s nothing sexier than a stiletto sandal. Put on that tube top or bodycondress you’ve been saving, then get your groove on at a summer bar. Scared of your feet hurting after 2 minutes? We feel your pain. Make sure you find stiletto sandals with ample cushioning in the footbed and a heel under 4 inches. Also, make sure the heel isn’t too skinny so you can have enough support when walking.

9. Athletic

To some, summer spells adventure. If you’re ready to hike, kayak and backpack, you’re going to need a sandal that can keep up with your lifestyle. Athletic sandals tend to offer much more support than fashion sandals, making them perfect for heavy movement days. Find some with a thick strap in your favorite color. This way, you can still show off your style while catching incredible views on your hike.

10. Chunky

Chunky is in this year. Sandals with a chunky sole not only scream trending, but they also offer more comfort than a thinner sandal. Wear your chunky sandals with a floral sundress to bask in the gorgeous contrast of styles. If dresses aren’t your thing, chunky sandals look incredible with edgier, ripped shorts. Just make sure you find a pair that fits extremely well and flatters the shape of your foot.

What’s your favorite type of sandal? Tell us in the comments.


10 Summer Sandal Styles

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