Merrell Shoes: Crazy About the Outdoors

Merrell Shoes
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Everyone wants to venture out into the great outdoors. But when you are uncomfortable in your shoes, then you can’t possibly enjoy every aspect of your trip. Therefore, we bring you the best shoes for you to enjoy your outdoor trips and make hundreds of memories. Let’s dig into the details about Merrell shoes.

About Merrell

Merrell prides itself on its singular focus on crafting the best possible outdoor shoes. The brand was founded in 1981 by Clark Matis and John Schweizer, and later became a member of the Wolverine World Wide shoe industry company. Merrel is known for its extensive lineup of footwear, apparel, and accessories to enhance your outdoor experience.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Walnut, 11.5 M US

Trending Styles

Merrell has an extensive footwear catalog. At the moment, Merrell has 238 products in the men’s footwear section, 193 products in the women’s footwear section, 111 for boys, and 168 for girls. The Moab, GORE-TEX, Moc collection, and the women’s Alpine sneaker remain the brand’s trendiest shoes. In addition, Merrell has several eco-friendly footwear choices in its catalog, which further enhance the brand’s appeal.

The Hydro Moc deserves special mention for its fast rise in popularity because of its lightweight, comfortable, easy slip-on and slip-off, and durable design. Moreover, the Moab hiking boots also deserve special mention because of their waterproof design and comfort. The upper combines tough leather with a nylon mesh for breathability and resilience.

The women’s Alpine sneaker brings that retro vibe and cool color combinations to the Merrell catalog. The retro looks hide clever technology and materials that make this sneaker comfortable, flexible, and durable.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Gtx Hiking Shoe, Beluga, 10.5 M US


Merrell makes medium-fit shoes with several wide-fit options. The smallest shoe is a US size 3.5, with the largest a size 15. Therefore, you can’t miss a suitable size when shopping. In addition, the company offers a sizing chart on their website, with US, UK, EU, and cm conversions. The chart is elaborate, catering to sandals, clothing, bottoms, socks, hats, and gloves sizing, not just footwear. Furthermore, there are kids’, tactical and unisex footwear sizing charts for added convenience.

Do Merrell Shoes Run Small?

No, Merrell shoes usually run true to size, and the company aims to make its footwear fit similarly to street shoes. You need to accurately measure your foot to select the correct size. You’ll need two pieces of paper, two pencils or pens, a ruler, and a friend:

  1. Step on the pieces of paper, ensuring your feet are within the pieces of paper.
  2. Ask your friend to outline your feet, placing the pen straight down. You’re likely to put the pen at an angle if you do it yourself.
  3. Step off the pieces of paper.
  4. Use the ruler to measure your foot length from the tip of your big toe to your heel.

You can use that measurement on the sizing charts online.


Customers appreciate the affordability and quality of Merrell’s hiking boots. There is also massive praise for Merrell’s other shoes, especially since they can switch between the great outdoors to more casual settings. In addition, the use of eco-friendly designs and materials has increased the brand’s popularity among the growing section of environmentally conscious customers. 

How to Clean Merrell Shoes

You need to clean your Merrell shoes regularly with a soft brush to keep them hygienic and tidy. After several uses, or if you get mud and dirt stuck on them, you’ll need to clean them using mild soap, warm water, and a cleaning cloth. After cleaning, ensure you rinse well to avoid the soap damaging or discoloring the shoes. 

It is best to air-dry the shoes. Remove laces and insoles and allow the shoes to dry at room temperature. Furthermore, you need to use the recommended treatment for each shoe type to preserve the color and condition of the shoe. You’ll find those details on the website or on product packaging.

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Taupe, 9.5 M US

Where to Buy 

You can buy Merrell shoes on the company website. In addition, the major online stores stock Merrell merchandise, making it easy to source your favorite pair. Furthermore, physical Merrell stores and authorized retailers worldwide stock Merrell shoes.

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe,Gunsmoke,10.5 M US

Where to Buy Dupes

As fake shoe manufacturers get more creative, it gets harder to spot their wares, especially for a famous brand like Merrell. The best way to spot dupes is to check if the details on the shoe label match those on the retail box. In addition, you can scan the barcode to check if it is a genuine product.


There you go! We mentioned all the details about Merrell shoes, so now you can buy them without any hesitation. The company believes that no matter how treacherous the outdoors is, you can still move through it safely and comfortably with the right gear.

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