Kim's White Moccasin

I almost forgot about  my white Minnetonka soft sole  back-zip moccasins I had until I saw an online pic of some similiar ones.   So, I dug them out of the closet for a snapshot.   I haven’t wore them in twenty years, but I don’t think I could part with them.   I remember seeing them in a western store, and my mother bought them for me as a gift as I liked them so much.   The zipper didn’t zip all the way up the back, so my grandmother put in rivets for holes under the fringe (she was an upholsteror), and I used white bread ties to hold them together.    Minnetonka - Classic Fringed Boot Softsole (Brown Suede) - FootwearI always wanted to find some type of traction to apply to the bottoms of them as my footprints are embedded  on the bottom.    I found the exact same brand/style is still made and for sale at Sheplers (Item #049444)!   And they are only $31.99.   For some reason, I was thinking my mother paid a lot more than that for mine, even twenty years ago. I also remember owning a pair of Minnetonka Classic Fringed soft sole brown booties when I was younger, but out-grew them, so I’m sure my mom gave them to the Goodwill.

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