Do You Love Shoes? 6 Amazing Tips on How to Buy Shoes Online

How to Buy Shoes Online
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There’s no denying it: we Americans love to shop.

And, of all the things we love to buy, shoes are at the top of the list. In fact, people spend over $82 billion on new footwear every single year!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or offline. We’ll do anything and go anywhere to get our hands on a brand new pair of shoes.

It’s true that knowing how to buy shoes online can be a help in that endeavor though.

After all, there are numerous challenges to any internet clothes shopping. The most obvious issue is that you can’t try them on first! There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money on new shoes, only to find they’re the wrong size or fit.

Want to avoid that eventuality and buy right every time?

Read on for 6 top tricks for purchasing footwear on the internet.

1. Do Your Research

Not all shoe stores are created equal.

The footwear on sale varies in everything from branding and style to materials and pricing.

The result? You can’t turn to any old online retailer and expect to get the perfect pair of shoes.

Alas, there are so many retailers these days that it can be hard to know which to pick. That’s why it always pays to do your research first. Turn to Google and run a search on particular shoe styles and brands you like.

From there, set about identifying the stores that have them on sale. A good way to save some money here is to visit outlet store websites as well. They often have big-name brands at a fraction of the price.

Want an insight into this process? Think about watching an online screen recording with audio. You’ll find tons of expert shoe shoppers willing to walk you through it.

2. Only Use Reputable Online Stores

This point relates to the last.

Online shoe stores don’t just vary in terms of the footwear they have on sale. There will be significant differences in their service and reputation too.

Let’s face it, the internet is awash with people trying to make a quick buck. Scams and con-artists exist everywhere. If you aren’t careful, then there’s every chance you could fall foul of them.

The budget prices of random, unknown sites might be appealing. But that’s how they get you! Input your bank details and boom, you could be in for trouble.

Stick with reputable online stores.

Read the reviews, check the warranty details, and verify the returns policy; make sure you can expect quality customer service.

You’ll benefit from that diligence in the long run.

3. Understand Your Needs

Here’s another tip for finding the right shoes:

Know what you need.

An online search might throw up a bunch of shoes you want. However, they might not necessarily be what you need. Go into this shopping experience knowing what you need them for.

Maybe they’re for running, work, nights out on the town, going to the gym, day-to-day use, or anything else! Whatever the case, enter into the search keeping your needs in mind.

It’ll focus your attention on picking the right style, materials, standard, and store.

Of course, you don’t always need a reason to buy new shoes! You might just want a fresh pair of fashionable sneakers for the very sake of it. That’s fine too.

Even that, though, can help to narrow your online quest for the perfect pair.

4. Filter the Results

Most stores have a mass of shoes on sale these days. Online shops are no different.

You might have hundreds of possible shoes from which to choose. Picking the right pair without seeing them in person and trying them on first isn’t easy.

But the filters can help. After all, having followed our previous tips, you should already know a particular style, brand, and price tag you need. You might also be able to pick the colors, materials, and fastenings you want.

Set the filters to match the features you’ve decided upon. You’ll see a honed-down set of options from which to choose, which should facilitate the buying process.

5. Know Your Size

Don’t know your shoe size? Well, buying the right shoes online is going to be tricky!

It’s a recipe for spending money on a pair that don’t fit and/or feel right on your feet. You risk wasting cash and time returning them to a store, paying for shipping, and so on.

Knowing your shoe size in advance will be a mighty help.

Of course, there’s still no guarantee they’ll fit correctly. That’s impossible to know unless you’ve tried them on in advance. All the same, you stand a much better shot at buying right.

Be sure to make use of the sizing charts most stores will provide. Measure the length and width of your feet and compare them to the dimensions on the chart. That’ll give you an even better shot at buying shoes that fit.

6. Remember the Shipping Costs

Online prices can be deceiving. The price tag may look amazing in the catalog. You might be blown away by the sales going on, discounts available, and promotions being offered!

For one reason or another, shoes seem far cheaper online than you were expecting.

Be wary. Add in the costs of tax and shipping and the price can shoot up. The stores get your attention with an attractive offer, only to dash your hopes with significant delivery costs.

It can pay (literally) to be patient here. Waiting longer for standard delivery might not be ideal (you want those shoes now!). But you’ll save large sums of money in the process.

Exactly How to Buy Shoes Online

Online and offline, people in the United States loving buying shoes.

We literally spend tens of billions of dollars on them each year!

However, anybody shopping via the internet must put in the effort to learn how to buy shoes online. Lacking this insight is a recipe for overspending, suffering from scams, or buying the wrong footwear.

Hopefully, though, this post will help you avoid that fate.

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