Do Puma’s Run Small?

puma suede shoes
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When it comes to athletic shoe brands, Puma is always at the top of the list. The comfort of Puma shoes is unmatchable. Hence, if you add it to your cart, you are going for the right choice. 

One other reason for the brand’s popularity is its reasonable prices. Unlike other brands, the company provides value for money. 

Puma shoes are best for you if you want style and robustness in a single pair of shoes. It is a go-to brand for every sport. However, you won’t miss out on fashion with Puma. 

The problem arises when you need to purchase a pair, and you get confused between different sizes. The problem can not be neglected. One can not move without the right size of their shoe. So, if you are going for Puma Shoes’ online shopping, you need to learn everything about the dimensions. 

Popular/Trending Styles or Colors

Even though Puma shoes are made for athletes, the brand won’t disappoint you in style. The company keeps on releasing stylish joggers for classy looks, and we have some top-rated styles and types of Puma shoes. 

Firstly, Puma Clyde is known as a basketball shoe, and the shoe comes with a great deal of history. 

Today, however, Puma Clyde has become a casual icon. People love how comfortable it is to run or wander with Clyde casually. 



Puma Suede, released in 1968, is still known to be the best, and the unique colors are what customers love about it. Although multiple color schemes are available, people love wearing the classic Puma Suede for its chic shade.



There are many other styles, such as Puma RS-X and Puma Ralph Sampson Mid. All these models are loved and praised for their particular unique aspects.


Sizing: Do Pumas run small?

Now the question that arises is, do Puma shoes run small, narrow or big? 

The straightforward answer is yes, to some extent the consistent fit is puma shoes fit small.  Puma shoes run a bit smaller than their actual size. 

So, it is best to go for one size greater than the actual one, and it won’t be wide and would fit you in the best way. 

PUMA mens Super Liga Og Sneaker, New Navy-white, 10 M US

Puma Sneakers – Wide or Narrow

Puma shoes are narrow in size, and as a result, these shoes run small. It is an essential point to consider before making a purchase. 

If your feet are wide, you should never go for your actual size. It can compress your foot, causing pain. Resultantly, it will become challenging for you to play or run. 

To avoid any complications, always go for a bigger size. 

The task can be difficult while buying online. However, you can find a size chart for men and women on the official website. Other than this, many other websites also display Puma’s size chart. 

PUMA mens Smash 2 Sneaker, V2 Peacoat-white, 9.5 US


Reviewing Pumas lets you know how much the regular users love this brand. What people love most is the brand’s reasonable price range. 

People on review forums mention what they wore and how their experience was. For instance, Puma Velocity Nitro shoes are one of a kind, and it is one of the most versatile pairs giving you extra speed and smoothness to run. 

Other than this, the Puma DEviate Nitro Elite was also found to be reviewed amazingly. The pair has a good deal of cushioning, and you will find a durable outsole in Nitro Elite. 

Hence, the overall reviews of almost all types of Puma shoes were encouraging. So, if you are waiting for a sign to shift to Puma shoes, this is it. 

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker, Puma White-puma White-puma Silver, 7.5 US

How to Clean Puma Shoes

As Puma shoes come in leather, suede, and canvas, there are different ways to clean them. As suede is a fragile fabric, it should be cleaned very carefully. 

Buy a suede treatment spray and utilize it before using your pair. The company does not encourage the usage of water for suede shoes. 

GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck and Fabric Boot and Shoe Care Kit with Protector Spray

It is best to clean your leather shoes with a damp cloth. You can also soak the fabric in cleaning powder and use it for cleaning purposes. After this, rip off all the dirt carefully from the leather. Soaking your leather shoes in water for a long time is a big no. 

The last type is canvas Puma shoes. Thoroughly clean all the dirt off your shoes with a brush. To remove stains, use a non-bleaching agent. Resultantly, it will help you clear off every particle of mud. 

Where to Buy?

The company has multiple physical stores. However, if you are going for an online purchase, the official website is the best option. 

You can find third-party websites selling the shoes as well. However, there is no guarantee for such pairs. So, we highly recommend going for shoes from the official online platform. 

Where to Buy Dupes?

You can find Puma shoes on Amazon as well. However, always match the prices before purchasing, as you will be able to understand if the third party is selling fake or authentic products.

Moreover, customer reviews always help. Always read comments before purchasing. People who have experienced a product can tell you about the product’s authenticity in the best way. 

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