Shoe Style Guide: How To Choose The Footgear That Suits Your Outfit

choose Footwear for Your Outfit
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Do you know the real meaning of personality? Personality is an important characteristic of any human being whether men or women. There are various aspects that mean a lot while judging personality. One of them is the selection of shoes. You don’t always talk to everyone in your daily routine. People judge you simply by your outlook and grade your personality.

Shoes are considered one of the most important components of how you are presenting yourself. Outer personality is determined by dressing sense, matching outfit shoes, hairstyle, and any wristwatch you are wearing. There are other parameters too but they have minor importance.

Different varieties of shoes are available in the market, you only need to choose them according to your work routine and desire. For example, there is a difference in shoe selection between office shoes and casual shoes. You are required to match the color of the shoes according to your dress, as it will enhance the personality glamour.

Varieties of shoes vary among men and women. For example, women will mostly prefer the one with heels. Men can have simple office shoes, sports shoes, or any other kind of casual shoes.

However, there are certain tips you must consider while choosing the best footwear which will boost your personality.

Color Selection

The most important feature to choose any shoe according to your outfit is its color. Never chose the one with a color similar to the dress’s color. Always maintain the contrast coloring between the shoe and dressing outfit. For example, as a general rule, it is recommended to choose shoes that have a bit dark shade as compared to the outfit. A selection must be in such a way that both the outfit color and the shoe colors seem to be complementing each other. They both must be enhancing the overall outlook combination.

However, this selection varies a lot according to the choice. Men don’t face a lot of problems as they generally have simple outfits and fewer shoe choices. Choosing the shoes according to the outfit is a big problem for women as they usually have multi-colored dresses. You have to choose the color of the shoe very wisely and carefully when you have an outfit having more than one color. Black shoes are an ideal choice, as they can fit with almost all colored outfits.


Why does shoe selection vary with the season? This is because there are different outfits for different seasons. You can’t wear winter shoes in the summer season or vice versa due to multiple reasons. First of all, every shoe is designed for a specific season. Wearing off-season shoes may cause some problems. For example, winter shoes are generally closed, you can’t wear them in summer easily. The reason is that in summer your feet will sweat in the close environment which may cause foot infection.

Similarly wearing open shoes designed for summers in the winter season, may cause your feet to get extremely cold. Secondly, you are required to match the shoe according to your outfit. There is a huge difference between summer and winter outfits, so you have to decide accordingly. 

Use light-colored and bit open design in the summer as per season required. These may include simply dressed slippers or any kind of sandals, you can also wear them without socks. However, in winter you have to change the color but design also. Use a bright-colored closed shoe preferably a long boot or any simple boot with socks.


How shoe selection varies with the occasion? No one can remain engaged in only one activity every time. You have to cover a variety of events in your daily routine. For example, you have to go for a morning walk after waking up, then to the office, and back home. In the evening you may have to attend any party or may have to go to the beach or any sort of outing.

All of these events require different outfits. So, the shoe selection must be according to the specific outfit. The choice of shoes also varies with the activity you are involved in. For the morning walk, you need joggers, for the office, you need formal shoes. For a party or outing, you can wear simple sneakers or sandals. The footwear info can help you a lot in choosing desired color and design according to occasion and desire.

The above-discussed points are the most important for choosing a shoe according to an outfit. However, there are some other important tips you must consider while in a general selection of any footwear.

Important Tips

  • Women mostly choose shoes with heels. This is because of fashion, or also because most girls have a short height. High heels help a lot to look tall. Now there is a huge variety among heeled shoes. Never choose very high heels such as more than 5 inches, as it will bend the feet and may lead to injury. The high heel may increase the risk of falling down anywhere and they can break easily too. The low heel is recommended generally worldwide.
  • First of all, select the shoes according to the above-mentioned aspects. Never buy any shoe without measuring feet size and relying on the previous size. Your feet size may change with time. So measure the feet and buy the exact number which fits your feet.
  • Always choose the shoe design very wisely. As it has a vital role in feet health. Some shoes are much tight and pointed so that they compress the feet inside. They may cause difficulty in walking and also damage the feet.
  • Never compromise on the comfortability of shoes. Wear the shoes and walk a bit to check them. Your soles must have easy voluntary movement inside the shoes.
  • You have to select the shoes by seeing the depth. Depth must be enough so that it can accommodate the whole feet easily inside the shoes.

Hence the choice of styled shoes settling with the cloths can be a difficult task sometimes. Especially if you have to present yourself in an office, you must be conscious of this combination. Women are a bit more conscious of this matching, due to competition. The race to look prettier and gorgeous than anyone else makes them more worried about the outfit-to-shoe combination.

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