7 Hot Ways To Wear Wedges

Wedges Shoes
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For many women, wedge shoes are the perfect alternative to skyscraper heels. For one thing, women’s wedges are far easier to walk in than heels, and they won’t kill your feet after a couple of hours wear.  Wedges also go with so many different kinds of looks, meaning that there are tons of ways to wear them.

If you need some inspiration for how to wear your wedges, here are 7 of the hottest wedge looks of the moment:

1. With a Pretty Summer Dress

Complement sandal-style wedges with a pretty summer dress. This is the ultimate summer holiday look, one that is easy to wear and that always looks ultra-pretty and feminine. Choose a pair of brown wedge heels with a strappy sandal design and pair with a pretty, pale-coloured summer dress for a look that is perfect for day or night.

2. Boot Wedges With Skin-Tight Jeans

Team chunky shoe boot wedges with skin-tight jeans. For a daytime look that has a bit of glamour (and that gives you a bit of height), wear camel coloured women’s wedges in a boot style with skinny jeans. Balance out your chunky footwear with long sleeves and a big bag.

3. Create an Edgy Look

Create an edgy look with patterned tights, shorts and a pair of badass black wedge boots. If you really want to show your wild side, add a leather biker jacket and a ton of eyeliner.

4. Create Contrast

Create an edgy look with patterned tights, shorts and a pair of badass black wedge boots. To mix things up even more, throw on a camouflage jacket over the to.

5. Gold or Silver Wedges

Turn up the glamour in a pair of gold or silver wedges. Worn with a thigh-skimming party dress or a pair of short shorts, wedges with a glittering disco-style heel panel are perfect for a night out. And, you’ll still be able to walk home at the end of the night, without having to take your heels off and crawl into a taxi.

6. Give Yourself Some Height

Give yourself some height by wearing wedges with your maxi dress. Unless you happen to be supermodel-tall, you might have trouble finding maxi dresses that are the right length. If you’re worried about looking swamped in your maxi, wear wedge heels underneath for that extra boost in the height department.

7. Go for Retro

Go for the retro look by wearing bright coloured wedges with an even brighter pair of tights. Choose your colours correctly, apply plenty of eye-widening mascara, and keep the rest of your outfit simple, and the look is a 60s-style winner.

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