Payless Clearance Sale = Cheap Flats

After I wrote about my new brown wedge flats, I went shopping again! I didn’t intend to, but I ran into ShopKo quick (who has a Payless Shoe Source section) and came out with two more pairs of new shoes to wear to Las Vegas! I may be wearing one of them at this very moment as you read this!

Payless is currently having a huge Clearance Sale both in-store and online at   I got a pair of Dexter Capri flats (77115-15) in Bronze (shown left) for only $7 (they also came in Gold, and I debated between the two) and a pair of Lower East Side Duffy wedge mary-jane flats (78378-15) in Black (shown right) for only $10.

I love how the round toe is coming back in style as it makes your feet appear smaller. Those pointy toed shoes make my feet look humongous! I figured at that low of a price, I could afford to only wear them once if I decided I didn’t like them.   And I definitely need to invest in a new camera, as I’ve been taking all these photos as of late just on my Motorola Droid.

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