Metro Style – It’s a Real Steal

I didn’t realize had such great shoes (at great prices) until “the shoe obsessed” Wayne sent me these…

Quilted BootsMetrostyle Colorblock Pumps

Classique Quilted Patent Bootie (choice of black or imperial purple), $39.99
Colorblock Pumps in Graphite/Goldenrod/Black,  $34.99

Personally, I liked these…

Item # 0816-71725-1189Side-Button Pumps

Valley Lane Pointy Mules (choice of navy, khaki, mudslide, black or russet), $34.99
Valley Lane Side-Button Pumps (choice of true red, white or black), $39.99

Check out more great boots, dress and casual shoe styles at!

[phpbay]metrostyle, 1[/phpbay]

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2 thoughts on “Metro Style – It’s a Real Steal

  1. I always get the Metrostyle catalog and love their shoes, but haven’t placed an order yet. Anyone have any experience with them? When I shop online for shoes, I usually go to endless or amazon.

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