Zigisoho Studded Spark Flat Shoes

ZIGI SOHO SPARK Shoes (Black) - Women's Shoes

I love these black studded flats by Zigisoho. They fit true to size and are very comfortable to wear all day. They do not slip off or rub. And look great on…

Black studded by Zigisoho

I have lost one stud on the toe, after skidding my foot on the cement, but you do get an extra packet of studs so you can replace them. Good quality and fit very good!

These ZIGI SOHO Spark Shoes are currently on sale for only $25 from Famous Footwear (regularly $69.99)!

2 thoughts on “Zigisoho Studded Spark Flat Shoes

  1. PLEASE tell me you didn’t ruin a perfectly good pair of feet with a tattoo!!!

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