Zappos + Monopoly = Zappology

Zappos Monopoly Board

Check this out – The world’s most popular online shoe retailer  meets the world’s most popular board game!   This incredible Monopoly ® game is a uniquely made Collector’s Edition to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. With the roll of the dice, you can own all the Zappos’ brands and monopolize the board. While playing, you can always take a ride on the Clarks Express, become the “Master of Wow”, discover a cure for boredom, and create a little fun along with way. I so want this!   And it’s available from,  you guessed it,!

I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow for Affiliate Summit (where I’m a Pinnacle Awards Finalist), and am hoping to get a tour of  Zappos while there!   I’m sure I’ll be in total awe.

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