Yep, Kim is Happy.

Cartoon BootsMy boyfriend sent me an email this morning with the subject line “This should make you happy!” with a link to this news article.   Yippee! A DSW shoe store is coming to Westroads Mall in Omaha! I stop at Westroads every time I visit Omaha  and visit  Cinnabon and Old Navy. And come September, I can add DSW to the list!   Hmmm, maybe  I should apply for a job at the new Google datacenter in Council Bluffs  to be closer to some better shopping?!

Speaking of jobs, my sister just got a job at Tradehome Shoes  (they need a new website). No, she doesn’t get family discounts, but may earn a small commission on her sales. Sure sounds better than the job I had at the local dairy sweet when I was a teenager.

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4 thoughts on “Yep, Kim is Happy.

  1. Hi Kim,

    Is this for real or do they hire you guys to do these write ups? I’m a designer in los angelesl and I remember how that used to be when I lived in Minnesota. Of course, that was before the Mall of America. Anyway, why don’t you shop online? You get a better selection, and places like actually give free overnight shipping. You also have 365 to return something if not worn. Yes, I know…amazing. Although, I have a huge box to return right now. haha. gotta go.


  2. No, I didn’t get paid for writing about those shoe stores, but I wish I did! 😉

    Trust me, I buy lots of shoes online (gotta love the free shipping and returns if they don’t fit), but I also love to shop offline and actually try on different styles (usually ones I would never buy). Plus I love the instant gratification of bringing home new shoes.

    In fact, between my three girls and me, we brought home 7 pairs of new shoes today from shopping.

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