Clear Shoe Boxes by Shoe Stor

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Shoe Stor is graciously giving away 2 – 5 packs of Large Clear Shoe Boxes to two lucky Shoeaholic readers!   All you have to do to enter to win this fab prize  is grab your digital camera and go take a picture of your shoes right now! No need to tidy up.   In fact, after you take the picture, you may realize that you really need help organizing your shoes and will want to win even more!

You can find Clear Shoe Boxes for the best price on Amazon.

Next upload your picture to a free photo sharing site like Flickr, ImageShack,    Photobucket (my choice), or  any you prefer.    Then leave a comment below with the URL of your image of your shoes!

Contest Rules:
Limit One Entry per Person/Email.
Must use valid email address  (will be not shown), as winner will be contacted via email to retrieve mailing address.
Entrants agree to have image posted on this site and/or
Duplicate Entries will be Removed.
Must be a US Resident, age of majority.
Contest ends 7/18/08 and winner will be randomly chosen after that date.

Whatcha waiting for?   Go take a pic of your shoes and win!

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30 thoughts on “Clear Shoe Boxes by Shoe Stor

  1. I know I don’t qualify as an entrant, but wanted to share the pic I took of my shoes right before I posted this…

    If you don’t know how to add a pic with HTML, just add the link, and we’ll fix it for you! ie I would just copy/paste this into the comment box…

    P.S. Notice the red/white striped shirt hanging on my doorknob? I wore that earlier today in my Mailbox Monday Video! Right now, I’m hanging out in a free tshirt.

  2. There’s my shoes on the left, I know they look organized now, but I have 5 more pairs coming in the mail. EEK!

    And there’s a boatload of shoes (and denim) hanging in my closet. Eww. I can only organize my beauties for so long until it ends up looking like that! XD

  3. What a wonderful idea these clear shoe boxes are. I could really use these. It’s better than opening up every box to find just the pair I’m looking for.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  4. My kitty cats have a habit of getting into my closet and ONE of them has a very bad habit of nibbling my shoes and leaving little tiny teeth marks. If I am lucky enough to win these, you will be saving at least 5 pairs of my shoes!!


  5. I have no clue if I’m posting this correctly…it’s my first time. 🙂 This is just one of my shoe racks. I have two more!

    Sandy's Shoes

  6. Auriette's Shoes

    These are all my shoes. Well, except for my wedding shoes, which were half a size too small when I bought them, and my tap shoes. I have some issues with my toes (I spent $2,000 on injections, and I still can’t wear cute shoes) so I don’t even get to wear my pumps very often. It would be nice to have the clear shoe boxes to store them in, so they don’t get dusty.

  7. A laundry basket, and it’s piled high!…Is this considered being organized!?! Haha…YEAH, I need HELP! 😛

    Leah's Shoes in a Laundry Basket

  8. I already have the clear boxes, but I love these boxes soooo much I wanted to post my shoes. They’re easy to stack and there’s no guessing on which shoes are in there!

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