I think I’ve been window shopping for shoes way toooooo long. Yes, I’m literally “Window” shopping online since I’m on a PC. Maybe someday I’ll get caught up in the Mac craze and upgrade, because I do so love my iPhone (and I spend a lot of time browsing for shoes on my mobile as well).   Anyway, I found some cool styles of heels from this great Aussie site – Wildpair.com.au – which offers free delivery on all Australian and New Zealand orders (both of those places are on my bucket list to visit as well).

Serra Style: 32232

So spikes seem to be all the rage this year!   I even bought a pair of shoes with spikes today – not as “wild” as these Serra shoes shown above, but I will write about them in the near future.

Not for the faint hearted!! These are super smooth and totally fearless! Pair with almost everything and you’re ready to take on the world!!

Abigals Party

These Abigals Party booties by Irregular Choice are more my style, and I can totally see myself wearing these with a long black skirt on an evening out.

Totally cute, totally quirky and totally the talking point of any outfit!

Rivoli Style: 32230And what do you think of these Rivoli jeweled with gold chains wedge booties?   Not my style, but I can see celebrities loving this look.

Gaga eat your heart out!!   Amazing wedges with stud and chain detailing.

Which shoe styles are you wild about?