Some girls can’t stand to step outside the house without their makeup and hair done while others fixate on the perfect mani-pedi. Some carry on a lifelong love affair with jewelry while others dream of designer clothes and handbags. But if you’re amongst the group that has realized that the only thing that fits without fail is your shoes, then you’ve likely begun to build a collection of footwear that will last a lifetime, add a pop of color and class to any outfit, or even serve as a foundation that you can build your entire wardrobe around (this dress would perfectly complement those fabulous new pumps I just bought!). Of course, there are a select few who prefer to dabble in the designer footwear of yesteryear, and for those special ladies (or men), the cost can be astronomical. So here are just a few great places to discover deals on the treasure trove of vintage designer shoes floating around out there.

These days, the internet can prove an invaluable asset when it comes to expanding your wardrobe, especially if you’re looking for vintage items, which can definitely be hard to find. If you’re looking for shoes from a particular era or you have a designer in mind you may be able to find what you’re looking for by searching sites like eBay or Craigslist. Both will allow you to create your own search terms and you can often get vintage shoes at better prices than you’ll find on websites that specialize in selling vintage items.

That said, you might not be able to find the selection or the quality you’re looking for on these websites since the items posted come from individual sellers. You might need to check out specifically vintage sites in order to find quality shoes in your size. And while many charge exorbitant prices for the incredible footwear they sell, there are a few sites that can help you find amazing deals on shoes designed in bygone eras.

For example, Vintage Designer Clothing has a vast selection that is organized by size and their prices are totally decent. Unfortunately, they don’t list the original date that the shoes were created, although vintage shoe aficionados can easily guess the era on their own. You can also find some good options at Back in Style, where you’ll discover plenty of designer vintage styles for under $100 a pair. And while you may be partial to designer labels, you can always find old-school shoes for less if you’re willing to settle for those that weren’t made by famous designers (or if you’ll opt for retro re-designs).

And if you’re willing to roll the dice and engage in a bit of treasure hunting you can always sift through bins at antique stores or thrift shops and even seek out estate sales or local yard sales (L.A., Dallas, or Orlando garage sales, for example). You never know what you might find, but you’re likely to get it at a rock bottom price.