What Your Shoes May Say About You


Melodie Bootie by Shiekh, $49.97
Melodie Bootie by Shiekh, $49.97

Is it possible? Do your shoes really speak? The answer is yes! The shoes you choose to wear can speak volumes about your character and personality. It can let others know that you are ready to get down to business or that you are energetic and active. For some, shoes are chosen to complete the perfect outfit. For others, however, it is a predicator of personality and mood. What exactly do your shoes say about you?

“¢ Miss Independent. Studies have shown that women who take pride in standing on their own two feet are more likely to go out on a limb when choosing shoes. They trade in the classic black and brown shoes, for more colorful, playful styles. Whether it is a wedge heel with an open or a comfy leather bootie, independent women are more likely to take the plunge when it comes to making shoes purchases. The independent woman will pay special attention to times when she chooses to wear shoes. She realizes that the office is a place for comfort and style.

“¢ Miss “all about the trend.” There are some women who will buy any shoe as long as it is “in style.” Regardless of what the shoes look like, feel like, or how much they cost, women who are all about the trend will spend the money to get the new and latest shoe. To these women, style and appearance is very important. Unfortunately, these women rarely wear a single pair of shoes for too long as styles are constantly changing. Miss “all about the trend” has a very large shoe closet!

“¢ Miss Low Maintenance. There are women who are high maintenance and then there are those who prefer not to go there. If you fall into this category, your shoes will represent just this. They will be comfortable, well priced, and likely not to draw as much attention. They will match well with the outfit but not necessarily be a conversation starter. Miss Low Maintenance will wear shoes to match whatever situation or occasion that she is in. She doesn’t mind high heels as long as she can walk in them easily.

“¢ Miss High Maintenance. In contrast, women who require lots of maintenance can easily be seen in their shoes. These shoes may or may not have loud colors but will be adorned with beads and other embellishments. The shoes will not always be comfortable because comfort really doesn’t matter. Looking great is key. High maintenance women will enjoy luxurious styles and will often be wearing shoes that can serve as great conversation starter in any room. Miss High Maintenance will be wearing great shoes, have great hair and nails, and always have her best outfit on.

“¢ Miss Athletic. Picking an athletic woman out of a crowd is relatively easy. She will more than likely be sporting the latest trend in tennis shoes or others shoes that will fit her active lifestyle. Whether it’s exercising, running errands, or taking care of the kids, comfortable shoes are a must. While she may wear heels, the majority of her time is spent in her athletic shoes. Her shoes fit her athletic lifestyle.

“¢ Miss Edgy. There are some women who are willing to take risks and this can definitely be seen in their choice of shoes. Risk takers can be identified by super high stilettos, thigh high boots, and bright colored pumps. The shoes will draw the attention and eye of passersby who may wonder to themselves “what in the world was she thinking.” She won’t care though because this is simply her edgy personality coming through in her shoes.

Which category do you fall in to? Are you edgy or high maintenance? Do you prefer to sport your athletic shoes the majority of the time? Your shoes really do say a lot about who you are as a person. It can be a good predictor of personality and make a fashion statement without having to speak a word. Perhaps you are a mix of the ladies mentioned above. Whatever you are, enjoy your own style and personality in shoes. No two ladies will ever be exactly alike.

Marina is a freelance writer and writes about specialty products like vanity mirrors, etagere, nesting doll and lot more.

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