3 thoughts on “What Not to Wear, Zappo’s Marathon

  1. Of course they’re advertising and plugging Zappos. Zappos has an amazing collection of shoes online. And I am sure that Zappos is providing the shoes on ‘What NOT to Wear’ because it was a wise business decision.

  2. On November 10, 2008 in the show with Michaela, she had chosen pumps that were a wonderful animal print with sequin. Where might I find these shoes.


  3. On the episode of What not to Wear from Dec.26th on Kathrine. She was the Emo dressing journalist. At the end of the show she had on these fantastic knee high boots, and I have been searching for these can’t seem to find them. If anyone knows of the wearabouts for these boots I would be most appreciative. 🙂

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