Coordinating dress shoes with a suit is as easy as one two three with this tutorial one matching up your suits with different types of shoes. We will talk about pant suits and suits with skirts. Matching these suits up with different types of shoes and colors will make your suit versatile and take you from one season to another.

A basic black pant suit for instance, can be paired with a black mid to high heel pump. Pumps are extremely versatile and are the business woman’s best friend. You can match them with a straight legged suit or with any skirted suits in woodland hills*. Black pumps will match suits that are varying shades of color as well. Leather loafers are another option for less conservative work environments. This style of shoe looks great with both straight and wide legged pants. Dark brown looks great with a navy suit, although this might be viewed as more casual.

Some women like to wear a higher heel to work in suits los angeles. Keep in mind that you will be walking around on unforgiving floors most of the day, so choose a heel height that is not going to punish your feet later in life. Investing in a high quality and well-fitting shoe will also benefit you. It will make you feel self-confidant and look great. To take your suits from winter to spring and beyond, look for a pair of cute sling backs to pair with your suits. This elegant and classy shoe will work with both pants and skirts. If you have only a few pairs of shoes that you rotate to wear to work, make sure that you keep your shoes in tip top shape by keeping them clean and shined. If the soles start wearing down, then invest some money into resoling your shoes instead of hunting for a new pair.

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