Wedding Shoes: Here Are Things You Didn’t Know

Beautiful Wedding Shoes
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5 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Wedding Shoes

Whether you are shopping online or offline, the shoe game of finding an ideal pair of shoes for your big day remains tough. You will need to master a few tricks to make your search for the perfect match a worthy find for your life’s most joyous day. If you realize that you don’t know a few necessary things, then you need to read this post. Here are some tricks you need to know when choosing and shopping for a pair of wedding shoes.

If they don’t fit the future, you don’t need them now

Since your wedding day is an entry point into another plane of life, be progressive and future-minded in your selection. While shopping for that pair of shoe, ask yourself if you would wear the same shoe and feel great in them after your wedding and honeymoon. If you want to buy shoes that will give you sweet and nostalgic memories, then they are definitely your best bet.

Stick with a brand you know and love is critical

Well, you may say that your wedding day is a time to experiment with change, and that is okay. However, when it comes to shoes that will complement your wedding attire, stick with a brand you are familiar with and a size that fits you well. This way, you will spare yourself undue discomfort and lastminute disappointment on your auspicious day. Remember, comfort is primary to the success of your wedding day.

Wedding dress & heel height carefully matter in the selection process

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Another thing you need to know about the shoes that will embellish your wedding day is their height. The first reason this factor comes in supremely is that the heel of your wedding shoes will affect the comfort level you will enjoy on your big day. Another reason for considering your heel height is that it helps you to match the height of your bridegroom. For instance, if your man is taller than you, you should consider wearing comfortable high heels so that you don’t look too short. On the other hand, if you are almost the same height with or a bit taller than him, then it is necessary to go for lower height so that you don’t tower over him.

Overly trusting online product photos can cost you much pain

It is common these days for brides to shop for their wedding shoes online. However, when making such a purchase, it is prudent not to overly trust the product images you see on the web without taking accurate measurements since some of them may appear smaller or larger that they really are. This way, it will be easy to share these measurements with your dressmaker so that they can make any necessary adjustments to the length of your costume.

Mornings and evenings are the best times to measure your feet

Did you know that mornings and evenings are the best times to take your measurements for your feet? The reason is that if you measure your feet during the day, your feet usually swell a little bit, and hence, they can give you misleading measurements. This way, you will be in a better position to get the correct size for your wedding shoes thereby enjoying greater comfort while you dance and walk down the aisle.

Your wedding theme matters

Beautiful Wedding Shoes

Thinking about your wedding themes is also significant for your choice of a wedding pair of shoes. For instance, if you intend to have a country wedding, you will spend most of your time outdoors. This means that wedges or flats would be your best option or you would need to look for heel protectors.

Your wedding terrain matters

Before settling for a particular pair of shoes, consider the wedding terrain during the season you will be wedding—winter or spring. This way, it will be easier to know the kind of backup you need for your big day. For example, you can take a pair of lace flats or silk ballets to complement your high heels so that you can change them during the night.

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Your hemline matters

The last thing you did not know about your wedding shoes is that the hemline of your wedding dress does affect your choice of wedding shoes. For example, if you have a shorter hem, you would need an opentoe heel that will elongate your calf.

Choosing the right pair of wedding shoes is a critical preparation stage towards your big day. However, it is prudent to discover and master a few tricks that will enable you to choose the shoes so that they can complement other factors such as comfort, harmony, and relevance with your wedding terrain and theme.

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