Wear The Shoes You Like Guilt Free

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What We Want!

Comfort and beauty, the perfect combination in fashion. A lot of brands might provide comfort but not aesthetics, and many others provide aesthetics but not comfort. A brand that could provide both would be the Holy Grail of the fashion industry.

Humans have always sought ease and comfort during our existence. The early humans were cave dwelling hunters who would ambush and run behind animals to hunt them. This was a hit and trial method as they would not be able to follow the quarry for long distances or over rough land because they were not able to run or walk bare feet.

Then as the human conscious mind developed, we the humans started learning and started wrapping animal skins to make running easier. This developed into crude forms of shoes over time with a wooden sole and animal skin. This went on in various cultures with the Egyptians making shoes of reeds, the romans making shows with leather strips and cork soles. These were the first modern shoes made.


This continued until the 18th century and various materials were used like cottons, silk, rough cloth, leather and wood to make shoes. Until the 18th century the shoes were all custom made. The industrial revolution changed all this. The shows were readily available at a fraction of the costs. 

But like every good thing has a dark side. The industrial revolution brought in materials that at once made production cost effective but created a problem that the industrial pioneers did not foresee. These shoes were made with synthetic chemicals and Crude Oil derived plastics. These were Non-Biodegradable substances. The shoes would be worn for 2 3 years and then discarded but the materials in these shoes did not rot or decompose these were not natural substances from which our ancestors fashioned the foot wear. These shoes would pollute the environment and release toxic substances into the soil and the underground water supply.

How To Make It Better!

As the world is facing a severe problem of plastic pollution. This problem is increasing from a long time but eventually environmental concerns caught up with the industry and companies are focusing on plastic waste management. Companies started effort to control plastic pollution by recycling it and make the things worth able by recycled plastic. Few companies started the effort on the basis of this concept that they will do better for the environment with the help of their products. With this concern, few companies started making fashionable comfortable shoes at an affordable price and that too with the least impact on the environment. Here in came the companies like INSECTA. This company uses old plastic, recycled cotton, recycled rubber and biodegradable vegan materials so that the shoes have as low as a negative impact on the environment but it does not mean that this company compromises on designs of their products because they are working on environmental special cause, but it specializes in designing comfortable and in-fashion shoes. These materials do not pollute the environment but helps to control the environment from this type of pollution by reducing the waste material. These materials used for a sturdier shoe in the latest design without compromising on quality, design and any other things that a customer may want. Wear a shoe that you will never regret to wear. This company provides worldwide delivery with every minute delivery process detail. 

This way the amount you spend on your shoes will be spent with you knowing it won’t hurt or poison anyone. Having a fashionable and sustainable life style was never this easy. Wear Insecta and contribute to the environmental sustainability. Wear a shoe without a guilt.

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