This is a second post in a series that showcases the formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne’s shoe collection. Commentary by Wayne himself:

All these bought at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta back in 2000 (when I was last getting paid on the 1st and the 15th) and rarely worn since.

A pair of D&G denim patchwork slides:

D&G Denim Slides

One pair of D&G brown patchwork leather slides:

D&G BrownP atchwork Mules

And a Bonus: Back in 2000 (when I really had spending money), I bought a pair of Hermes wooden slides for $350; I thought I’d really look cool walking around midtown Atlanta wearing them, but in late 2004, I developed high blood pressure, and the medicine made my formerly thin insteps and ankles a lot more thicker, and I’ve gained weight in the past 4-5 years, and with the noise they make and the conservative area I live in, I almost can’t wear them anymore. I’m sure you can see the familiar Hermes orange box…

Hermes Wood Slides

Thanks for sharing Wayne! I personally would wear any of the above slides (if they were in my size)!