This is a third post in a series that showcases the formerly shoe-obsessed Wayne’s shoe collection (and Wayne knows about my love of mules). Commentary by Wayne himself:

A pair of Nic’s by Cyclonic slipper mules (I don’t think the company exists anymore):

Nics mules

They didn’t even come with in a box, but in a canvas bag!

Finally, how about a pair of men’s slingbacks? And from The Wild Pair?? (Notice the logo on the insole.)

WildPair Slingbacks

Get a load of the Cuban heel…I bought them around 1993 (+/- 1 year), they had been sitting in a large plastic bag of forgotten shoes…I also had a pair of men’s wingtip pointed-toe mules, but I wound up throwing them away during a move 9 years ago.

Finally, a pair of Fieramosca & Co. crocodile driving mules:

Fieramosca & Co. crocodile driving mules

Thanks for sharing Wayne! Believe it not, I have a pair very, very similar to those slingbacks! If I can find mine, I will add a photo of them!